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October 22, 2003

Dear Reader,

Over the years, when interviewed about Internet safety, I would spout my rule about placing family computers in public areas — no computers in bedrooms. In our home, we have our computers just off the kitchen, in an open family area that doesn’t have a door.

But we’ve come to a crossroad. Matthew (a high-school sophomore) has a heavy academic load, with lots of homework, and it turns out we are too noisy for him. My daughter sings and tap dances. My husband shouts at misbehaving pets. I play music.

It’s time to realize that what we are doing isn’t working, and change our rules. The kids grow up, circumstances change. Matthew, just a few months shy of sixteen, is getting a computer in his room. I’ll miss him.

I welcome your comments:

If you had trouble with the CASHFLOW site, the folks at RichDad.com told me the problem was on their end. I have posted a new link here:

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”

P.S. The folks at RichDad.com told me the problem at the
CASHFLOW 101 site last week was theirs. I have posted a new
link here: http://www.surfnetkids.com/cashflow101.htm

Paper Airplanes


What makes one paper airplane better than another? Should we judge our paper planes on ease of construction, length of flight or distance traveled? Personally, I vote for the fun factor. And hopefully, you’ll have plenty while visiting this week’s paper airplane picks.

Alex’s Paper Airplanes



From Alex’s gallery of two dozen paper airplane designs, visitors have selected the Dragon Plane and Paper Helicopter as their favorites. The Dragon, an original design, flies “true and fast” and is “the best plane to hit your teacher with.” The Helicopter is popular because it is both simple to make and simple to fly. You can peruse the rest of the planes by difficulty of construction (easy, medium, hard) or jump right to the fastest, longest flying, or most unusual designs.

Best Paper Airplane



During the summer of 1950, eight-year-old Michael O’Reilly watched in amazement as his sister’s boyfriend made the best paper airplane in the whole world. “When he started folding the paper, I knew this was something different, something special. He never explained how he did it but every move, every fold, every detail was burned into my memory.” Today, Michael shares the secrets of the DC-3 paper airplane: how to build it and how to fly it.

Joseph Palmer’s Paper Airplane



Joseph Palmer’s planes are “designed to fly,” not look like real airplanes. As a paper airplane purist, none of his designs require cutting, taping or weights: just a single sheet of 8.5″ by 11′ paper and your fingers. There are only four designs here, but the illustrated instructions are excellent, and judging by visitor feedback, all of them are great flyers.

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Surfing the Calendar

Edison invents the incandescent light bulb
Oct 21, 1879
Chemists celebrate National Mole Day
Oct 23, 2003
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
of 1998 signed into law

Oct 28, 1998
Statue of Liberty dedicated
Oct 28, 1886

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