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October 29, 2003

Dear Reader,

We live in northern coastal San Diego, and the fires are close. The sky is a peculiar yellow, brown color. There is ash falling from the sky, just like the snow flakes we never have. My husband and son spent two hours hosing down our wood shingle roof on Sunday.

The schools are closed. Many roads are closed. Over 300,000 acres have burned in San Diego county. Hundreds have lost their homes, a dozen their lives. We took grocery-store fried chicken down to the shelter, and I took the opportunity to rid my closet of a huge bagfull of clothes for the newly homeless.

The TV has been on all day, tuned to the all-fire-all-the-time local news channel. When I took a break from the compulsive disaster watching to write a column, I noticed I felt better.

We are safe, but I have made a list of what we’d take if we needed to evacuate. I was surprised by how short the list was. We are safe, but overwhelmed by sadness for all those that are suffering. It is exhausting to be so sad.

Your comments welcome:

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”

Thomas Alva Edison


Thomas Edison Word Search

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With a lifetime dedicated to invention, Thomas A. Edison earned 1,093 U.S. patents, more than any other single inventor. His impressive achievements include the invention of electric lighting, the phonograph, and motion pictures. Edison was not only a successful inventor, but also an excellent business man who created companies to manufacture his inventions. As befits a man of his talents, there are many websites devoted to Edison and his inventions. These are the pick of the litter.

American Experience: Edison’s Miracle of Light



Produced as a web companion to the 1995 PBS television special, Edison’s Miracle of Light is a worthwhile stop even if you’ve not seen the film. Best clicks are the time line of Edison’s life, photo gallery of eight of his inventions, and the Special Features. “In 1887 direct current (DC) was king. At that time there were 121 Edison power stations scattered across the United States delivering DC electricity to its customers.” Learn all about AC/DC in the first interactive Special Feature. The second is a collection of five fun tunes the Edison company produced on phonograph records between 1919 and 1926.

Edison After Forty



“In 1887, at the age of 40 – with a new wife, a new home, a new winter retreat – Thomas Alva Edison set up shop in a new and grandiose laboratory. There he hoped to recapture and ultimately surpass the inventiveness he had enjoyed in the much smaller laboratory he had used a few years earlier. Edison’s goal proved elusive.” Edison After Forty, produced by the Smithsonian, is a unique look at the demands that success placed upon the prolific inventor.

Edison Invents!



My pick-of-the-day site is another gem from the Smithsonian. I chose it because it combines multimedia with a well-written feature article, and best of all, it begins with a game. Depending on your mood, there are two ways to navigate Edison Invents! The fun way is to play the Flash concentration game (match Edison’s inventions) and then to travel around the game board, clicking on the icons representing phases of Edison’s life. The more direct route (for those of you with homework due) is to click on Edison’s Story.

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