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November 5, 2003

Dear Reader,

Thank you for your support during this stressful fire week. My family is safe, the kids went back to school on Monday, and we never had to evacuate.

The cool, damp, rainy, snowy weather has really helped the firefighters, and nearly all the southern California fires are contained. Containment is a huge step in the right direction, but it doesn’t mean the fires are out. The word “containment” was all over the news, but none of us (at our house, anyway) knew exactly what it meant. So I went online (what else did you expect?) and found the National Fire News Glossary of Wildfire Terms which says:

“Contain a fire: A fuel break around the fire has been completed. This break may include natural barriers or manually and/or mechanically constructed line.”

I knew we were over the hump when the wildfires weren’t front page news at CNN.com anymore. Whew!

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
“Surfing the Net with Kids”

Bibliographic Citations


A bibliography is a list of sources used in research. Because of the variety of sources available, many students find formatting a bibliography the most confusing part of a research paper assignment. These sites will ease your pain by showing you exactly how it’s done. A few of them will even create bibliographic citations for you. Wow!




EasyBib is home to two subscription citation services and one free one, MyBib. MyBib creates bibliographic citations based on Modern Language Association (MLA) style. To begin, choose a source (such as an encyclopedia or cartoon), a media (such as CD-ROM or print). After filling in a few fields, your citation is created. Your entry can be saved (and later retrieved with a reference number) or printed to a Rich Text Format (RTF) file. Once you’ve downloaded the RTF file, it can be printed, or opened in your favorite word processor.

NoodleTools Quick Cite



Quick Cite, from NoodleTools.com, is another MLA citation creator. It has fewer options than EasyBib, making it easier for younger students to use. To begin, click on the type of source, and then (following the example) fill in the requested fields. To transfer your citation to your word processor, use cut-and-paste. Unfortunately this method can insert a lot of excess formatting. To avoid this, use Paste Special, and then manually add any required underlining or italics.

Online! A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources



Because the format of online information is so varied, citing online sources can often be the most confusing part of creating a bibliography. Excerpted from a print book of the same title, these pages show bibliographic examples for seven different online sources (including instant message, database and e-mail) in four major styles: MLA, American Psychological Association (APA), Chicago and Council of Biology Editors (CBE.) There is also an excellent FAQ on online research.

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