[Surfnetkids EXTRA] Help for Wildfire Victims

[Surfnetkids EXTRA] Help for Wildfire Victims

Help for California Wildfire Victims

November 6, 2003

Dear Reader,

Would you sign-up for a 10-day free trial of the Surfnetkids
Printables Club with Premium Newsletter
if doing so would help
Surfnetkids.com raise money for southern California fire

If your answer is yes or maybe, here’s the scoop.

First of all, thank you for the outpouring of support during this
terrible week. The firemen have done an amazing job, and nearly
all the fires are contained. My family wasn’t touched, but thousands
weren’t so fortunate. Hold this thought, I’ll get back to it in a moment.

Premium Newsletter


On another note, this week Surfnetkids announced a Premium edition of
the Surfnetkids newsletter (just for Printables Club members) that contains
twice the educational content of the free Surfnetkids newsletter.

Printables Club members received their first issue last week. Here are a few of
their comments:

“Gotta tell you I am pretty impressed. I have subscribed to your newsletter
via email for I’m guessing 4 years or so. I noticed improvements in the premium
newsletter almost immediately. Thanks for the improvements you are making…..
the printables club is a great idea!!!” Eileen Balagna, Thomas Jefferson Middle School,
Port Washington, WI

“Barbara, I am in Perth in Western Australia and I love your site and premium newsletter.
I thank you for working to improve your offering with a Premium Newsletter and I think it will be great.
The format of my newsletter is fine, no worries. Thanks again.” Kerry Leggett, Perth, Australia.

“I love the newsletter! I want to use these with the teachers I train at my school. I work with them
on ways to incorporate Internet resources into the classroom. Thanks for what you do — I am in awe!!!”
Linda Toq, Del Rey School, Orinda, CA

Red Cross Southern California Wildfires 2003 Fund

As I was designing the Premium Newsletter, I was hoping it would encourage more readers to try the Printables Club.
At the same time, readers were asking me what they could do to help the southern California fire victims, and I was
thinking of making a $100 donation to the Red Cross Wildfires 2003 fund. Then I started thinking, what if instead of $100,
Surfnetkids.com could donate $200, $500 or $1000? So I decided to turn to you, dear reader, with a

Help Us Help Fire Victims

If you sign up for a ten-day free trial of the Surnetkids Printables Club (by November 14, 2003) Surfnetkids.com
will donate $1.75 to the American Red Cross.* My goal is to start 300 free trials in a week, so
Surfnetkids.com can give $525 to the Wildfire 2003 fund. But if you help by passing this offer around, maybe we could even give $1000!

Your Help is Needed

Now, I have to admit this is an INCREDIBLY HUGE GOAL for a small business like mine. I’ve NEVER signed up 300
free trials in a week —- actually I’ve never even come close to 300 free trials in a month. So, if you don’t
help, I’m going to be terribly embarrassed when I have to admit I only reached a small percent of my goal.

You can help by signing up (you’ll need a valid credit card to qualify for this offer) at:

There you will find a sample Printable and a sample Premium Newsletter, as well as the sign-up form.

Join Me in Giving

Want to join me in helping the fire victims? Here’s the online donation
form for the Red Cross Southern California Wildfires Fund:

I’ll give a one-year membership to the first 100 readers who give at least
$100 to the Red Cross. This offer applies ONLY to those who give online,
and then forward their email receipts to me by the end of business on
November 14. **

Please Forward

Please help us help the fire victims by forwarding this email to other
teachers, librarians and homeschooling parents who you believe would be
interested in our offer.


Barbara J. Feldman

P.S. I will post a graph of our progress here:

*Small Print: Surfnetkids.com will donate $1.75 to Red Cross So Cal Wildfires 2003 Fund for each qualifying unique 10-day Printables Club trial through the end of business on November 14. A valid credit card is required to qualify for this offer. Existing Surfnetkids Printables Club members do not qualify, neither do
those that have previously signed up for a ten-day Printables Club trial. Maximum donation will be $1000. Final tally of qualifying trials is at the sole discretion of Surfnetkids.com, Inc.

**More Small Print: Surfnetkids will give a free one-year membership to the first 100
readers who give at least $100 to the Red Cross via the Red Cross onine donation form,
and then forward their email receipts to by the end of business
on November 14, 2003. Existing Printables Club members do qualify for this free membership
offer. Final tally of qualifying online donations is at the sole discretion of
Surfnetkids.com, Inc.

Copyright © 2003 Barbara J. Feldman