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#1. June 9, 2004

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

Because I am having a hysterectomy on Tuesday, I am taking a few weeks off. I’ve been pursuing alternatives for a year, and now, for me, this is the best decision.

I also debated endlessly (with myself) about how much I wanted to share and when I wanted to share it. Should I just say I am taking time off for personal reasons? Or what about calling it a surgery, and leaving it at that? But there it is. I blurted it out. Sorry if this is “too much information.” I certainly did not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Sigh.

Because I am working ahead, I expect that you will continue to receive regular newsletters from me … and that in two or three weeks I’ll be back in my computer chair, and feeling much better.

Your feedback welcome at:

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
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#3. Ancient Rome

by Barbara J. Feldman

Ancient Rome Printable (** for premium members only)

Legend tells us that Rome was founded by (and named after) Romulus, who later murdered his brother Remus for criticizing the city. Eight hundred years later, around 100 A.D., the Roman Empire was at its peak. It included half of Europe, most of the Middle East, and the northern coast of Africa. How did Rome grow so large? What caused its downfall? These are just two of the questions asked by historians and students ever since.

BBC for Schools: The Romans
Although designed as a companion to the BBC television series “The Romans in Britain,” there is plenty here for any elementary or middle school student. Highlights include eleven feature articles with interactive quizzes, vocabulary hyperlinked to a glossary, and seven printable activity sheets. High-school students and adults should find their way to the grownup History of the Romans ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ancient/romans/ ), which is listed along with other resources in the Web Links section.

History for Kids: Ancient Rome
“Roman history is usually divided into three main periods: before the rise of Rome, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire. The Empire is usually divided up according to who was emperor.” Run by an associate history professor at Portland State University, this well-organized site is a boon to students looking for specific information such as what the Romans wore and ate, or the history of Roman pottery. Of course, there is also general Roman history, a time line, and sections on ancient Greece and Egypt.

PBS: The Roman Empire in the First Century
“Meet the Emperors of Rome, read the words of poets and philosophers, learn about life in the 1st Century AD, then try your skills in our ‘Emperor of Rome’ game!” You’ll find the role-playing game listed under Special Features. The final outcome varies based both on your decisions and luck, so I recommend playing several times. Best way to peruse the rest of the site is through the Site Index. For teachers, there are detailed, printable lesson plans for grades four through nine.

#4. Note from a Printables Club Member

“I really love the printables club. Searching for good topics for my kids can be a real pain, but you cut to the chase with your timely columns. The best part is that I can print out the information and links. I like the printable word searches too. They are good teaching tools for my kids!” Doug, San Diego, CA

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#5. Quote of the Week

A Minute of Inspiration: Light a Fire Movie

Daily Education Quote via Email

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” ~~ Amelia Earhart (1897 – 1937) American aviator.
Doesn’t this sound alot like the Nike advertising slogan “Just do it”?

For more on Amelia Earhart:

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