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1. Introduction
2. Sponsor’s Spot: At Last, An End to Tedious Internet Searching!
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#1. March 30, 2005

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Barbara,

A big thank you to everyone who responding to my survey asking for topic suggestions and your biggest Internet headaches.
I’ve already starting using some of the topics. In fact, both Sentence Diagramming and Pre-Algebra were suggested by readers.

What I also learned is that viruses, spyware, and adware are on the top of everyone’s most hated list.
So, in response, I’ll be addressing these various aspects of online safety in future issues. More on this as it develops.

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
"Surfing the Net with Kids"

#2. At last, a cheap, fast, and easy way to put an end to tedious Internet searching…

If you know the right sites, the Internet is
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#3. Funny Poems

by Barbara J. Feldman

Funny Poems Printable (** for premium members only)

In celebration of April as National Poetry Month, I’ve picked five fabulous poets, some with books you can pick up and feel, and others who only can be found on the Internet. Funny poems are best when shared aloud, so grab your loved ones and read them a poem.

Barking Spiders (and Other Such Stuff) Poetry
CJ Heck is a grandma, columnist, author and poet. Her Barking Spiders website shares a title with her first published poetry book for kids. The site includes poems written from a child’s perspective, stories, tongue twisters, printable mazes, tips for budding authors, favorite quotes and fill-in-the-blank poems to complete. There’s music on every page (ugh!) but you can always turn your speakers off. “I wish I had a puppy… wish I had a kitten, too But Mommy says our ‘partment Is too small to have a zoo.”

Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Fun Poetry for Kids
Poet Gareth Lancaster confides that although so far his poems have only been published online, he’s keeping “his fingers crossed.” After perusing his work, I’m sure he’ll be able to uncross those fingers very, very soon. Each poem is reader rated on a scale of one to five, and includes a simple voting mechanism. Visit The Top Ten to see the most popular of the site’s sixty-six poems. “Pardon me, that was so rude, It was not me, it was my food. But then again it could be said,
It’s the little person in my head. Who sits up there all day long, Burping out a silly song.”

I’ve been a Kenn Nesbitt fan for many years, with three dog-eared Nesbitt books to prove it. Before becoming a full-time poet, Nesbitt was a software developer. Today devotes his technical expertise to his website, which is enormous and my pick of the week. Highlights are his poems (of course), poetry games, poetry lessons, a rhyming dictionary, and audio recordings (you’ll need to register for these.) “My sister thinks she’s Santa Claus. It’s really kind of cute. She likes to shout out ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’ and wears a bright red suit.”

… to continue reading, visit Surfnetkids: Funny Poems .

#4. Note from a Subscriber

Dear Mrs. Feldman,
I just wanted to let you know that this newsletter was right on target; my 7th grade daughter just came home with a newsletter regarding learning how to diagram sentences!! Perfect timing, and thanks for all you do. Hopefully your son did great on the SATs!
Karen Peterson
Eagle River, AK

Dear Mrs. Peterson,
Please call me Barbara. May I call you Karen? Sentence diagramming was a hot topic, with lots of readers on both sides of the fence. One reader told me “There’s a reason it’s fallen out of favor!”

And a few also pointed out an error in one of the reviews. Oops! The original sentence was
“The course is perfect for upper elementary or middle school because it only covers seven parts of speech: subject, verb, adjective, adverb, direct object, and indirect object.” But it should have read “The course is perfect for upper elementary or middle school because it only covers seven grammar concepts: subject, verb, adjective, adverb, direct object, and indirect object.”


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#5. Related Games

Virtual Poetry

The Poem Machine

(Learn how to make games just like these with my step-by-step manual. )

#6. Quote of the Week

“If we did all the things that we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” ~~
Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931) American inventor

Click below for more on Thomas Edison:

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#7. Surfnetkids Classified Ads

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