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#1. June 8, 2005

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

My big birthday weekend started out great… saw my mom and some of the family.
But then I got sick, and had to cancel two days of fun. :(

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. It was fun getting email from around the world. I’m always amazed to learn how far my weekly messages travel.

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
"Surfing the Net with Kids"

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#3. American Flag

by Barbara J. Feldman

American Flag Printable (** for premium members only)

Each year on National Flag Day (June 14th) our country celebrates the history and symbolism of our flag. With Memorial Day just behind us, and Independence Day just around the corner, all the picnics, parades, flags and fireworks blend into one big American summertime celebration. To add to your festivities, here are my site recommendations.

Betsy Ross Home Page
Betsy Ross would often tell her children, grandchildren and friends of the fateful day in May, 1776 when a secret committee from the Continental Congress asked her to sew the first flag. Today the historical accuracy of her story is debated point-counterpoint on her very own web site. Also included in this fun site is how to cut a five-pointed star with a single scissor snip, flag trivia, flag etiquette, and the opportunity to contribute your own thoughts about the American flag.

A Guide to American Flags
Created at the University of Oklahoma College of Law, this site is a collection of stars and stripes from Betsy Ross to present day. Best of all, permission is granted to use these graphics for personal, non-profit purposes (such as a school report.) See the Flag FAQ for details. The collection also includes flags of the American Revolution, Confederate flags, and flags of all fifty states.

Learn2 Fold an American Flag
“Flag-folding does take some practice, but the task isn’t exactly rocket science. As long as you’ve got an awareness of flag etiquette (a few simple rules) and a friend to help you out, mastering the art of getting the flag in that neat little triangle will have you looking like the best girl scout or marine in town.” This five-step illustrated flag folding lesson is just one of hundreds of short tutorials you’ll find at Learn2.com. The instructions can be followed online, or printed out for ease of reference. You’ll find the link to a printable version at the end of the last step.

… to continue reading, visit Surfnetkids: American Flag.

#4. Note from a Subscriber

“‘No amount of darkness can extinguish the light of one small candle.’ Your site is terrific, thanks.”
Donna Thompson

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#5. Related Games

American Flag Scrambler

Printable American Flag Word Search
http://www.surfnetkids.com/printables/Word_Searches/flag-ws.pdf (** for premium members only)

Printable American Flags

American Flag Word Search

(Learn how to make kids games just like these with my How to Add Games to Your Site step-by-step manual.)

#6. Quote of the Week

“It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.” ~~ Marlene Dietrich (1901 – 1992) German-born American actress

Click below for more on Marlene Dietrich:

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#7. Surfnetkids Classified Ads

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