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#1. September 13, 2006

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Barbara,

This time next week, Howard and I will have a half-empty nest. I guess the optimistic would say it’s half-full!

Matthew leaves for Caltech on Sunday, leaving his sister (a high-school freshman) at home with just two parents, two dogs and two cats.
Everyone has been asking me how I feel about it… but I don’t think I’ll be able to answer that until it happens.

Your comments welcome:

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
"Surfing the Net with Kids"

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#3. Steve Irwin

by Barbara J. Feldman

Steve Irwin Printable (** for premium members only)

On September 4, 2006 Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin (1962 – 2006), an Australian naturalist and
television personality, died unexpectedly in a freak sting ray accident. Irwin and his wife Terri
Irwin owned and operated the Australia Zoo in Queensland, which Irwin inherited from his
parents. But he is best known for his fearless antics on his Discovery Channel television
program “The Crocodile Hunter.” Because of Irwin’s celebrity status, some of today’s picks are
struggling with overwhelming traffic. If you can’t reach one, just skip to the next, and try again

Animal Planet: Crocodile Hunter
Irwin’s “Crocodile Hunter” television show propelled him into worldwide superstar status. Visit
the official Discovery Channel site for Close Call video clips, a Crocodile Hunter trivia quiz, an
Irwin family album, and a fan bulletin board. Four fun multimedia activities are found in the
Play & Interact drop down menu (on the Croc Fan Central page.) My favorite is meeting the
animals of the Australia Zoo.

Brainy Quote: Steve Irwin Quotes
“I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and
enthusiasm helps push an educational message.” Irwin was an exuberant environmentalist.
The quotes collected here cover his love of wildlife, the environment, Australia, and his attitudes
about fear. There is also a short biography and links to quotes by other Australian scientists.
“Crikey means gee whiz, wow!”

Crocodile Hunter
“Crikey! Welcome to CrocodileHunter.com!” This is Irwin’s official umbrella site. It includes a
bio and links to his various passions including the Australia Zoo (one of Australia’s biggest
tourist destinations), Croc One (his customized seventy-five foot research and rescue vessel), and
Wildlife Warriors Worldwide (a conservation charity.)

… to continue reading, visit Surfnetkids: Steve Irwin.

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#5. Notes From Readers

Comments about Pluto’s demotion poured in. Here are two. You can read more at:

It wouldn’t be very hard to learn the planets all over again but why don’t we just add in all the dwarf planets as well, while we are at it? There are only three official dwarf planets: Xena, Pluto and Ceres. How about this: “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine X-rayed Pizza Crusts.” This completely solves the problem! ~~ Zach

I am perplexed if not depressed. Pluto will always be Mickey and Minnie’s dog, the god of the underworld and the ninth planet to me. Okay, so it’s a little small and crosses the orbit of Neptune. So what? It has its own moon Charon. Maybe we should retitle some of our astronomers as amateur astonomers. ~~ Thomas

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#6. Related Games

Crocodile Jigsaw

Printable Australia Word Search
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Crocodile Hunter Coloring Pages

Australia Down Under

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#7. Quote of the Week

“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” ~~ Ben Sweetland, motivational author

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