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October 1, 2007

Back-To-School Printables Club Offer

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Barbara,

Just a short reminder that today (October 1) is the last day for the back-to-school pricing on the Surfnetkids Printables Club.

60-day trial membership for just $2.99

What’s it like to be a member of the Surfnetkids Printables Club?

A typical member replies:

Gotta tell you I am pretty impressed. I have subscribed to your newsletter via email for I’m guessing 4 years or so.
I noticed improvements in the premium newsletter almost immediately. I am VERY impressed with the printables that
are part of the printables website—I have printed many and am intending to have these available for parents
at conferences in a few weeks! Thanks for the improvements you are making…..the printables club is a great idea!!!
Eileen Balagna
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Port Washington, WI

This offer disappears on October 1 because that’s when my son returns to college, so click here now to take advantage of this special pricing.

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
"Surfing the Net with Kids"

Get your first two months of membership for just $2.99. After that, your membership will continue without interruption
with annual auto-renew at $39.95 annually.http://www.surfnetkids.com/printables-club.htm

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