[Surfnetkids] Have You Seen My Facelift?

Dear ,

Wow! Tuesday I had a milestone birthday, and yesterday I got a facelift!

Okay… it wasn’t my face exactly, but rather the Surfnetkids Content Widgets for websites: Daily Factoid, Daily Chuckle, Educational Quote, Coloring Page of the Day, and Game of the Day.


Do you manage the website for your organization, or have your site? Then you know how difficult it is to create new, family-friendly content on a daily
basis. The Surfnetkids Web Widgets are content applets that are easy to add to your site, and completely free. 365 days a year, they provide fun content for your web visitors to enjoy. And you don’t have to lift a finger… just install a few lines of code on your site and forget about it!

In addition to the updated look, the Web Widgets now contain an embedded affiliate link, so you can earn commissions by simply putting this great daily content on your site.

I invite you to join us by signing up (it’s still free as always) at:

And to thank you for the effort it takes to join and then click on the confirm link in the followup email message…. you’ll be rewarded with two educational Flash games that you may add to your site. Just sign up, login, and look in the “Bonus Downloads” section.

You’ll also find instructions on how to add your affiliate link to your widgets … don’t worry… it’s really, really easy. Look for “HTML Widget Code” once you sign in.


Barbara J. Feldman

P.S. Please take a minute to join us now. It’s simply a matter of entering your firstname and email address at: