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#1. December 10, 2008

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

As I sit down to compose this email, my voice is hoarse from screaming at the top of my lungs when earlier I suffered a two-dog-one-kitten escape through the front door.

I had opened the door to an AT&T salesman trying to sell me their Internet service. He actually tricked me into opening the door by pretending it was about our existing service. Our name is at the door, but he totally fooled me when he called me “Mrs. Feldman” through the closed door.

Anyway, when I opened the door, our two big German shepherds rushed out to meet him. That should have scared him away but it took me dropping to my knees and crawling through the bushes to get rid of him!

What was I doing in the bushes? Trying to catch the kitten that had escaped through my two feet as I stood at the door. By the time I was back on my feet with the kitten in hand, I only saw one dog, whom I quickly corralled back into the house.

But then with a quick scan of the front yard, my second doggie was no where to be found. I started screaming her name (Latke is named after a Jewish potato pancake served at Hanukkah time) and enlisted my daughter to help search. My daughter ran to the right, toward the big cross street on one side of house, and I ran to the left. All the time, screaming like a crazy woman.

I was hoping that if I screamed loud enough either my husband would come out and help, or Latke would come running.

The surprise ending? As I came up to our garage, there was Latke, panting outside the door to the house, waiting to be let in.

My husband later told me that he had heard a crazy women screaming, but couldn’t understand the words and didn’t know it was me!

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
"Surfing the Net with Kids"

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#3. Sacagawea

by Barbara J. Feldman

Sacagawea Printable (** for premium members only)

Sacagawea was born in approximately 1788 into the Lemhi Shoshone tribe of Idaho. Through the journals of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, we know some of her story because in November, 1804 a pregnant, teenage Sacagawea and her husband joined the Corps of Discovery as interpreters.

Discovering Lewis & Clark: The Faces of Sacagawea
“There is no known image of Sacagawea that was made of her during her lifetime, so no one can be sure what she really looked like. Yet because the Shoshone woman has been the subject of so many sculptures and paintings, especially since about 1900, we have a rich heritage of artists’ conceptions to contemplate.” Visit Discovering Lewis & Clark to explore a dozen artistic renderings of Sacagawea, but don’t miss the “interpreter” link embedded in the intro, which leads to an excellent three-page Sacagawea bio titled “The Interpreter’s Wife.”

Idaho Public TV: The Journey of Sacagawea
“More mountains, lakes and streams bear her name than any other North American woman.” Although the entire one-hour public television special is not available online, you can watch seven RealPlayer snippets of The Journey of Sacagawea, a Idaho Public TV production. Other reasons to visit include the commentary from historians and descendants such as David Borlaug, President of the Lewis and Clark Heritage Foundation: “She simply was a great presence. An Indian woman with a child on her back for all these other Indian Tribes to take note of. This could not be a war party, it had to be a party of peace”.

Idaho Stateman: Sacajawea
This multimedia, seven-chapter picture book is the story of Sacajawea told by her people, the Lemhi-Shoshone Indians, and my pick of the day. “Some of her tribe’s interpretations of her story differ from long-accepted facts of the story. They are presented as accurate in the sense that they reflect the oral history and opinions of the Lemhi people.” Highlights include audio clips from her tribesmen, a glossary of Lemhi words, and three printable handouts for the classroom: review questions, classroom activities, and a word scramble.

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Emily Dickinson’s Birthday
Dec 10, 1830

Geminids Meteor Shower
Dec 13, 2008

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Dec 15, 1791

Boston Tea Party
Dec 16, 1773

Ludwig von Beethoven’s Birthday
Dec 16, 1770

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“Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing.” ~~ Napoleon Hill (October 26, 1883–November 8, 1970) American author.

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