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#Feb 22, 2009

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

All the turmoil on Wall Street is a good reminder that we need to TAKE CONTROL of OUR OWN FINANCIAL SITUATION.

My good friend Leo Quinn has a ridiculously simple plan that can virtually guarantee that you will be debt free
in 10 years or less — including your mortgage. He’s helped over 18,212 people do exactly that. I call it LEO-nomics,
he calls it “How To Own Your Paycheck Again!”

Leo has a special offer for Surfnetkids readers that will help you get out of debt, and protect yourself from the
economic downturn. Start making smart choices today – click below and learn more…


See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman

P.S. Here is a recent testimonial received from a family who uses Leo’s wonderful program:
‘Two years ago, we had over 20 open credit cards with high balances. We had almost 60K in debt!
After (getting your information) we realized we were in trouble! (DUH!) We began to apply the knowledge
we learned and within one year all of our small cards we paid and closed. We now only have 2
credit cards with balances! Thank you LEO QUINN, your information turned our lives around!
With love, respect and sincere gratitude,’
–Lisa Marie Gutierrez, Schenectady, NY


P.P.S. I know this isn’t my usual topic, but if I can help even just a few families, I’m willing to take the risk of annoying a few readers.

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