[Surfnetkids] Who Else Wants to be Debt Free?

Dear Reader
In case the links in the Sunday’s email didn’t work for you, or you
didn’t receive the email at all, you can read it here:


Or go directly to Leo’s page made especially for my readers:
If this topic is upsetting, I know EXACTLY how you feel. But,
don’t worry, on Wednesday we’ll be back to our usual themes with a
web exploration of the mysterious blue planet Uranus.
Barbara J. Feldman
P.S. Here’s another testimonial for my friend Leo:
Hi Leo, Well, you said it would work? You were right, it does! …
I’ve reduced the number of credit cards I have by more than half
(WOW!!) I used to feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of debt
that I had, but that amount has stopped climbing and is steadily
coming down …I feel like I’m in control again. And since I’m not
naturally the best with finances (obviously!), it helps that your
system is easy to follow.
Morgan Hansen
Stillwater, NY
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