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#1. May 13, 2009

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

I have written only briefly about my Mom and her battle with Alzheimer’s. Her story began years ago when she was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment, but now her doctors are using the dreaded “A” word.
Alzheimer’s is the second most feared disease in America, following cancer. It touches 54% of Americans when counting not just the victims themselves, but their caregivers and families.

While I am still contemplating how to best use my little corner of the world wide web to help advance Alzheimer’s research, I thought this awareness widget from the Alzheimer’s Association would be an excellent way to start.

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See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
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#3. Turtles

by Barbara J. Feldman

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Turtles are reptiles with hard, bony shells and have been around a really long time. With a history that dates back 215 million years, they are older than both lizards and snakes. Whether your interest lies in wild endangered sea turtles, or a mud turtle to keep your backyard, these sites will certainly serve up what you’re looking for.

CCTC: Turtle Gallery
The best reason to visit the California Turtle and Tortoise Club site is this gallery of annotated turtle photos, alphabetized by either scientific or common name. From the African Spurred Tortoise to the Western Pond Turtle, most of the thirty-two species have multiple photos showing the differences between the male and female turtles. Before clicking away to visit another site, look for the audio gallery of courting male tortoise vocalizations. Who knew?

Gulf of Maine Aquarium: All About Turtles
All About Turtles has a fun, playful attitude that shines through in all its features. The Tale of Two Turtles, is a “first-person” narrative told by both a snapping turtle and a loggerhead turtle. Other great sections include a guide to turtle parts (Carapace-top shell, an outgrowth of bone), turtle crafts ( Turtle Eggs uses walnuts shells as newly hatched turtles), a guide to the turtle species of Maine, and an article about what you can do to help turtle conservation. “1. Keep wild turtles in the wild. Don’t collect pond turtles for pets. Observe and enjoy them in their natural habitat.”

National Geographic: Great Turtle Race
The Great Turtle Race is a two-week 3,700 mile migration from the “foraging grounds in the frigid waters of Canada to nesting beaches on the sun-soaked shores of the Caribbean” that began on April 9, 2009. National Geographic follows eleven tagged leatherback sea turtles with satellite tracking devices, and shares the data in an easy-to-enjoy format. Meet the racers, learn more about leatherback turtles, peruse the photo gallery, and watch the turtles’ progress from Canada to South America.

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#6.Surfing the Calendar

First permanent British colony Established in Jamestown, Virginia
May 14, 1607

Lewis & Clark Leave St. Louis
May 14, 1804

Major Lassen Peak Volcanic Eruption
May 14, 1915

Jumping Frog Jubilee in Angels Camp, CA
May 14-17, 2009

L. Frank Baum’s Birthday
May 15, 1856

Discovery of Largest Prime Number Known to Man
May 15, 2004

Sue Debuts at Field Museum
May 17, 2000

Karol Wojtyla Birthday (Pope John Paul II)
May 18, 1920

National Backyard Games Week
May 18-25, 2009

Circus Day, Anniversary of First Ringling Brothers Performance
May 19, 1884

Premiere of Star Wars: Episode I
May 19, 1999

Charles Lindbergh Flies Historic Solo Nonstop Transatlantic Flight
May 20-21, 1927

Amelia Earhart’s Atlantic Crossing
May 20, 1932

Most Powerful Earthquake of the 20th Century Struck Chile
May 22, 1960

Jerusalem Day
May 22, 2009

World Turtle Day
May 23, 2009

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“Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality.” ~~ Alfred Painter.

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