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#1. October 14, 2009

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader

Did you know that in addition to being Halloween, October 31 is also Magic Day? That’s why I chose Magic Tricks as this week’s Surfnetkids topic. But now that the spooky day is so close, I also want to remind you of our other Halloween resources. If you’d like to share these with friends, family and colleagues, you can find a copy at my blog under Halloween Resources.

Halloween Games

Halloween Coloring Pages

Pumpkin Carving

Fun Halloween

Free Halloween Music

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Recipes


Halloween at Sharing Links

If you have some Halloween sites you’d like to share, you can do so either at Surfnetkids, SharingLinks or FunHalloween.

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Barbara J. Feldman
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#2. Costume Craze

CostumeCraze.com $2.99 Flat Rate Shipping without limits OR free shipping on orders over $50.

#3. Magic Tricks

by Barbara J. Feldman

Magic Tricks Printable (** for premium members only)

Abracadabra! Looking to impress your friends with a few magic tricks? Using video and illustrated step-by-step instructions, this week’s selections have magic tricks for all levels of experience. Some are geared strictly for kids, using only common household items such as paperclips and rubber bands, while others use magic supplies such as wands and silk handkerchiefs. For even more magic tricks, here’s a free reprint of “The Book of Magic” by
A. Frederick Collins,

Activity TV: Magic Tricks for Kids
With online video, online instructions, a companion printable instruction sheet in PDF, and On Demand viewing for some cable TV subscribers, Activity TV has kids’ magic covered! Magician Ryan Oaks is your host for these instructional videos, which are rated by difficulty level, and organized by categories such as rope tricks and card tricks. Each trick page gives you to the opportunity to rate the trick and to submit a comment. With more than a hundred tricks, Activity TV is my magic trick site of the week.

Just ten tricks are revealed at Richard Robinson’s AllMagic site. Here’s where to find them. Under Movies, you’ll find video instruction for Ball Production, the Mod French Drop, Shuffled Out Aces and the Swivel Cut. You’ll also find illustrated instructions by clicking on the menu items Cards, Coins, Closeup, Mental and Stage. These tricks are not specifically for kids, so they are a bit harder than those at Activity TV, and some require special equipment, such as sponge balls, or an ESP card deck.

Card Trick Central
Although the writing style and illustrations suggest that Classic Magic is a reprint from many years ago, the magic tricks themselves are timeless. You’ll find illustrated instructions for card tricks, coin tricks, sleight of hand, close up magic (to be performed at a table) and even tricks with rabbits and birds. “The gentleness and docility of the rabbit makes it, like the dove, a favorite with the conjuror, who does not hesitate to produce it from a hat, and to cause it to disappear from, and re-appear in, most unexpected places.”

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#5. Surfing the Calendar

Statue of Liberty Designated a National Monument
Oct 15, 1924

Noah Webster’s Birthday, Celebrated Annually as Dictionary Day
Oct 16, 1758

Marie Antoinette Beheaded
Oct 16, 1793

U.S. Population Reaches 300 Million
Oct 17, 2006

Red Ribbon Week
Oct 17-25, 2009

Transfer of Alaska From Russia to U.S., Celebrated as Alaska Day
Oct 18, 1867

Teen Read Week
Oct 18-24, 2009

National Chemistry Week
Oct 18-24, 2009

National Teen Driver Safety Week
Oct 18-24, 2009

First Landfall of Hurricane Wilman
Oct 21, 2005

Edison Invents the Incandescent Light Bulb
Oct 21, 1879

Orionids Meteor Shower
Oct 21, 2009

#5. Quote of the Week

“If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.” ~~ Abigail Van Buren (born July 4, 1918) syndicated personal advice columnist. Click here for more Dear Abby quotes.

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