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#1. October 28, 2009

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

With both my kids being seniors (one college, one high school) there is so much exciting stuff going on in their lives: college applications, job interviews, and so on. And I am loving almost every bit of it. But some of the stuff just baffles my sense of time. For example, today I watched my daughter play the last Varsity Tennis game of her high-school career. Wow! My life is changing big time!

Okay, enough about me. Back to Surfnetkids biz. I am really happy with this week’s Where the Wild Things Are topic and related games. I hope you’ll enjoy them. I’m especially proud of the printable Where The Wild Things Are coloring pages created by some great young artists. Check them out!

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
"Surfing the Net with Kids"

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#3. Where the Wild Things Are

by Barbara J. Feldman

Where the Wild Things Are Printable (** for premium members only)

Although Maurice Sendak’s 1963 children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are” consists of only ten sentences, it has been a phenomenal international hit, selling over 19 million copies as of last year. Now that it’s been adapted into a hit movie by director Spike Jonze, media attention is once again shining on Mr. Sendak, his artwork and this wonderful children’s story.

HarperCollinsChildrens: Where the Wild Things Are
The official “Where the Wild Things Are” book site from publisher Harper Collins Children’s features a Maurice Sendak biography, a list of awards won by the book (such as the 1964 Caldecott), and a complete listing of his seventy-nine Harper Collins books. Wow! But the best clicks are the printable goodies: a six-page activity book, a coloring page and a cutout of Max’s royal crown, all found in Extras.

How to Draw Cartoons Online: Where the Wild Things Are
Want to try your own hand at drawing an imaginary monster? Take another look through Sendak’s book, and pay particular attention to the shapes of the monsters, trying to identify the underlying circles and ovals. Then follow these simple illustrated steps, and soon you’ll have created your own wild thing monster to color. “Having completed one of the creatures from ‘Where the Wild Things Are,’ see if you can tackle some of the others — using a similar approach.”

NWF: Be Out There: Where the Wild Things Are
The National Wildlife Federation has teamed up with the Wild Things movie to “connect kids and families with nature at home, at schools, and in their communities.” To that end, they’ve created a PDF kids guide titled “Find the Wild Thing in You,” a parents and teachers activity guide to the movie, and a printable activity poster. All these downloads are really big, so be patient. But your patience will be rewarded with activity ideas such as a monster mobile, Wild Things bingo, and a crown pattern to cut out and wear.

… Click to continue Where the Wild Things Are .

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#7.Quote of the Week

“Inside all of us is a Wild Thing.” ~~ Maurice Sendak. (b. Jun 10, 1928) American illustrator and children’s book author. Click here for more Maurice Sendak quotes.

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