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#1. December 2, 2009

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

Wow! This is a tough call. I really appreciate the sentiment behind Lincoln University’s fitness requirement for undergraduates. But in today’s politically correct atmosphere, I can’t image that it will stand a chance in the court of public opinion. Here’s the story.

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#3. Tigers

by Barbara J. Feldman

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As Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow followed the Yellow Brick Road, they feared the animals they might encounter. “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” Today, a more realistic fear is the animals we might never encounter. Sadly, the wild tiger population is being threatened by poaching, habitat loss and population fragmentation. Want to learn more? Here are my recommendations for tiger hunting on the Web.

Discovery Channel: Living with Tigers
“Can you take zoo-born tiger cubs and raise them to be hunters that can survive in the wild? The answer could help shape the face of tiger conservation.” The online companion to the Living with Tigers television special, this site tells the story of John and Dave Varty reintroducing two captive-born Bengal tiger cubs (Ron and Julie) to the wild in a South African sanctuary. The hope is that their offspring will be wild enough to be released back in the wilderness of their native Asia.

National Geographic: Cyber Tiger
“Congratulations, zoo keeper. Your zoo is about to receive its first-ever Siberian tiger. He’s being moved to your zoo by the Siberian Tiger Species Survival Plan, a group of zookeepers trying to save the big cats by breeding them in zoos. There aren’t many of these special animals left in the wild — only about 400 — and your mission is to make sure this one thrives in his new zoo home.” This interactive story is an example of what makes the Net great. Come play zoo keeper and help prepare your zoo for the arrival of your Siberian tiger.

National Geographic Kids: Creature Feature: Tigers
“Easily recognized by its coat of reddish-orange with dark stripes, the tiger is the largest wild cat in the world.” I just love the Creature Features at National Geographic Kids. This one include eleven snippets of tiger basics, three photos, one video, a map showing where tigers live, and an e-card to send to friends or family. And best of all, you can print a collectible 3×5 card and all the tiger facts on a single piece of paper.

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Universal Human Rights Month

Game of Bingo Created by Edwin S. Lowe
Dec, 1929

Antarctica Made a Scientific Preserve
Dec 1, 1959

Rosa Parks Refused to Give Up her Bus Seat
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Dec 1, 1955

Eight National Parks Established in Alaska
Dec 2, 1980

Malta Summit
Dec 2, 1989

Anniversary of Artificial Heart Transplant
Dec 2, 1982

Nobel Week
Dec 5, 2009

Parthenon Day
Dec 5, 1997

Walt Disney’s Birthday
Dec 5, 1901

Ira Gershwin’s Birthday
Dec 6, 1896

Thirteenth Amendment to US Constitution Ratified
Dec 6, 1865

Pearl Harbor Attacked by Japan
Dec 7, 1941

John Lennon Murdered
Dec 8, 1980

Computer Mouse Developed
Dec 9, 1968

Emily Dickinson’s Birthday
Dec 10, 1830

Human Rights Day
Dec 10, 2009

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