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#1. January 6, 2010

Barbara J. Feldman
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#2. Netflix

Netflix, Inc.

#3. Best of 2009

by Barbara J. Feldman

Best of 2009 Printable (** for premium members only)

As I spent time planning for 2010, I also took time to look back over the fifty-one subjects I reviewed in 2009. I chose these five sites as representative of the best of the best. Keep in mind, unlike the Oscars, these are not sites that were new in 2009, just culled from my archive of educational website reviews done during the year.

Environmental Literacy Council
The Environmental Literacy Council website is a huge library of K-12 lessons, articles and news about environmental studies, including subjects such as global climate change, biodiversity, energy, and land use. Topics can be accessed via the subject menu on the left-hand side, from the site map, or via the site search. Each article concludes with an outstanding collection of Recommended Resources, making this site a terrific first stop for further research and one of my picks for middle-school and high-school students writing papers or doing science fair projects.

Mrs. P
“Mrs. P is concerned because fewer and fewer kids are reading these days. Also, according to recent reports Mrs. P has seen, it is becoming harder and harder for many parents to find the time to read to their children.” Storyteller Mrs. P (played by actress Kathy Kinney) is my video pick of the year, with her classic children’s stories, read along options, engaging personal anecdotes, animated games and clever presentation. If you have a high speed connection, you can turn on more even more animated fun by clicking on Start Here, and selecting options such as “Bookcase titles say funny things.”

Multiplication.com: Interactive Games
Woo hoo! Multiplication.com is one of yearly picks because of the unique themes that make their games super fun. For example, in Pizza Pizazz you are presented with a problem, such as 8 x 9, a pizza, and a restaurant full of tables waiting for their order. To earn a point, you need to deliver your pizza to table number 72. Other fun concepts include Math Models (“Mix and match clothes to come up with your favorite outfit. The more math problems you get right, the more clothes you have to choose from.”) and Color Creations (“Unlock the colors to paint the pictures by answering the problems correctly.”)

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#5.Surfing the Calendar

Financial Wellness Month

Paul Revere’s Birthday
Jan 1, 1735

Betsy Ross’ Birthday
Jan 1, 1752

Emancipation Proclamation Effective
Jan 1, 1863

Ellis Island Opened
Jan 1, 1892

National Environmental Policy Act Established
Jan 1, 1970

Beanie Babies Introduced
Jan 1, 1994

New Years
Jan 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions
Jan 1, 2010

Jacob Grimm’s Birthday (one of the Grimm Brothers)
Jan 2, 1785

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Birthday
Jan 3, 1892

Alaska Admitted as 49th U.S. State
Jan 3, 1959

Spirit Robotic Rover Lands on Mars
Jan 3, 2004

Quadrantids Meteor Shower
Jan 3-4, 2010

Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday
Jan 4, 1643

National Trivia Day
Jan 4, 2010

Elvis Presley’s Birthday
Jan 8, 1935

War On Poverty Anniversary
Jan 8, 1964

International Thank You Day
Jan 11, 2010

#6.Quote of the Week

“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.” ~~ Victor Hugo, Les Miserables (February 26, 1802 – May 22, 1885) French poet, playwright, novelist, statesman, human rights activist. Click here for more reading quotes.

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