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#1. March 03, 2010

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

Did you know that today was National Anthem Day? The bill designating the “The Star-Spangled Banner” as America’s national song was passed by congress and signed
by President Herbert Hoover on March 3, 1931.

More sites for additional research about the Star-Spangled Banner, including links to a Star-Spangled Banner Karaoke video (“Oh say can you see”) can be found here:


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Barbara J. Feldman
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#3. European Union

by Barbara J. Feldman

European Union Printable (** for premium members only)

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political umbrella uniting twenty-seven countries. Established in 1993, the EU traces its history back to six countries who formed the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951. After World War II, the march toward unity was fueled in part by the failures of extreme nationalism which had just devastated so much of the continent.

Brief History of European Integration
“19 September 1946: Speaking in Zurich, Winston Churchill calls for a United States of Europe.” This history of the formation of the European Union in timeline format, covers events from 1946 to 2009. It is published by the EU delegation to Japan, but serves our purposes perfectly. Other great clicks are the “Europe in 12 Easy Lessons” PDF, quick facts about population and trade, and an excellent introduction to the euro. “1 January 2009: Slovakia introduces the euro, the eurozone now includes 16 Member States.”

Euro Kids’ Corner
For elementary and middle-school, Euro Kids’ Corner is chock full of euro-themed games, a leaderboard listing the top ten players, and a lesson covering the history of European money and the euro. “In the past, the countries in the European Union made several attempts to move towards economic union and a single currency. However, it was not until 1991, in the city of Maastricht in the Netherlands, that European leaders decided upon a firm timetable to adopt a single currency.”

Europa: Gateway to the European Union
This mega site is the official EU site in English. It includes a kid section but also some great background info for older students writing school reports. Visit About the EU for factsheets on European integration, the European Parliament, how the EU budget is spent, and a wonderful illustrated, decade by decade timeline of the EU’s history. The kid section includes games, quizzes, videos, and a Teacher’s Corner with age-based curriculum suggestions.

… Click to continue European Union .

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#6.Surfing the Calendar

Irish American Heritage Month

National Craft Month

National Nutrition Month

Music in Our Schools Month

Women’s History Month

National Cheerleading Safety Month

Whooping Crane Spring Migration
Mar 1 – May 7

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday (Celebrated as Read Across America)
Mar 2, 1904

Alexander Graham Bell’s Birthday
Mar 3, 1847

National Anthem Day
Mar 3, 1931

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is inaugurated as President
Mar 4, 1933

National Grammar Day
Mar 4, 2010

World Book Day
Mar 4, 2010

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