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#1. August 18, 2010

Barbara J. Feldman
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#2. Cool Science Experiments

by Barbara J. Feldman

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Who else wants to join us in the kitchen for some cool science experiments? These sites explain hundreds of experiments you can do at home or in a classroom with simple materials you probably already have, or can easily get at the grocery store.

The Naked Scientists: Kitchen Science Experiments
In addition to the usual instructions, these fab kitchen experiments include material lists, and both video and audio explanations. And for those experiments that are just too messy or too big for the kitchen, the Naked Scientists have a Garage Experiments category. These include making a cloud chamber from a fish tank, building a flame tornado using a turntable, and exploding eggs. Do I need to remind you to never do any of these without your parents’ supervision? Consider yourself reminded.

Reeko’s Mad Scientist: Experiments
“Here’s a popular experiment that’s been around for years and has left many kitchens in ruin (just kidding of course).” Reeko is a mad scientist with a sassy attitude and an engaging writing style. Best reasons to love Reeko, though, are his experiment rating system (Easy, Intermediate and Advanced), so we have some idea of what we are getting ourselves into, and the interesting science tidbits he includes in Parent’s Notes at the bottom of most experiment pages. His mad experiments are divided into twelve categories, including a few you won’t find elsewhere such as Cohesion and Flotation.

Science Bob: Experiments You Can Do at Home or School
“Science Bob” Pflugfelder is a science evangelist who’s garnered some media attention for teaching science to young actors at TV and movie studios. “He also encourages parents and teachers to practice ‘Random Acts of Science’ by providing instructions and videos for interactive science experiments on his web site, as well as public presentations and workshops that help make science come alive.” In addition to the experiments section, Science Bob also has a section of science fair ideas, and a separate video section in which he demonstrates some of his experiments.

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#6. Quote of the Week

“It is not good enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.” ~~ Rene Descartes ~~ (March 31, 1596 – February 11, 1650) French philosopher, mathematician, scientist, writer. Click here for more knowledge quotes.

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