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#1. September 22, 2010

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

A week ago I went to a local WordPress users conference (WordCamp LA), and although for the most part I felt like I was somewhere in the middle between their two tracks (developer and beginner), I must have gotten something out it, because the next day I stayed up until 2AM converting my personal blog from Movable Type to WordPress.

Want a look at my new blog design? Let me know what you think by posting a comment on my most recent post (titled “From Movable Type to WordPress”).


See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
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#2. Copyright for Students

by Barbara J. Feldman

Copyright for Students Printable (** for premium members only)

Copyright, intellectual property, fair use and public domain are not subjects reserved for lawyers and corporate publishers. Every student who uses the library or the Internet to write a school report needs to understand the basics of what can and can’t be copied from someone else’s work. And, as creators of reports and projects, students also should know that their work is covered by copyright and just the act of putting it on paper, affords them protection under the law.

Center for the Study of the Public Domain: Bound By Law?
Bound by Law? is a digital comic book about a laser-brandishing heroine fighting the Rights Monster as she makes a movie. “A documentary is being filmed. A cell phone rings, playing the “Rocky” theme song. The filmmaker is told she must pay $10,000 to clear the rights to the song. Can this be true?” Along the way, we learn about intellectual property, public domain, and the thin line between fair use and copyright infringement. The comic is available digitally for free (licensed under Creative Commons) or a hard copy can be purchased at Amazon.

Copyright: an Interactive Journey for Kids
Created as a graduate project in Educational Technology Leadership, by Phyllis D. Gardner, this illustrated first-person story starts when our unnamed protagonist copies the entirety of his dinosaur report from NationalGeographic.com. “The teacher said I copied and that I was stealing and a lot of other things that took me by surprise!” In addition to introducing the concepts of plagiarism and copyright, the site demonstrates how to create a citation and make a bibliography.

Copyright Kids
“Did you know that whenever you write a poem or story or even a paper for your class, or a drawing or other artwork, you automatically own the copyright to it?” Published by the Copyright Society of the USA, this site explains intellectual property, fair use, derivative work and public domain for upper-elementary and middle-school students. It also includes instructions on how to register your own work with the U.S. Copyright Office, and follows the dilemmas of a middle-school yearbook club as they discover how copyright law applies to the creation of a yearbook on CD.

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#5. Surfing the Calendar

Elephant Appreciation Day
Sep 22, 2010

Italo Marchiony Applied for Ice Cream Cone Patent
Sep 22, 1903

President Lincoln Issued Emancipation Proclamation
Sep 22, 1862

Autumn Begins: Fall Leaves
Sep 22, 2010

Fall Equinox
Sep 22, 2010

Little Rock Nine Enter Central High School
Sep 23, 1957

Planet Neptune Discovered
Sep 23, 1846

Lewis and Clark Expedition Arrive in St. Louis
Sep 23, 1806

National Punctuation Day
Sep 24, 2010

Shel Silverstein’s Birthday
Sep 25, 1930

Sandra Day O’Connor Sworn in as First Female Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
Sep 25, 1981

Anniversary of 1st US Newspaper
Sep 25, 1690

Banned Books Week
Sep 25 – Oct 2, 2010

Birthday of John Chapman (known as Johnny Appleseed)
Sep 26, 1774

George Gershwin’s Birthday
Sep 26, 1898

First Televised Presidential Debate
Sep 26, 1960

Shamu’s Birthday
Sep 26, 1985

Juan Ponce de Leon named Military Governor of Bimini and Florida
Sep 27, 1514

Ancestor Appreciation Day
Sep 27, 2010

Pokemon Debuts in US
Sep 28, 1998

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“Education is the best provision for old age.” ~~ Aristotle ~~ (384 BC 322 BC) Greek philosopher. Click here for more Aristotle Quotes.

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