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#1. October 6, 2010

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

I really enjoyed The Social Network last weekend. Its a great story told well. Of course it is fictionalized, which is a bit annoying, because there is no guideline anywhere that explains, this part is pretty close to the facts, but this part over here, that one is WAY OFF!

But one of the themes that stuck in my head after leaving the movie theater was the concept of trout and marlin. Are you committed to fishing for really, really big fish? Or are willing to walk away with a few trout? If you do want to catch the marlin, do you think you need different tools and tactics from a trout fisherman?

What do you think?

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
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#2. Online Safety

by Barbara J. Feldman

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As the Internet has grown, online safety has become more complex. Threats to kids include stranger danger, cyber bullying, pornography, privacy invasion, and even harm to our computers via viruses and malware. The best way to teach our children is to set firm ground rules, and make sure that they step away from the computer and come to a parent or other trusted grownup if something online makes them uncomfortable.

Chatdanger is a British site produced by Childnet International, dedicated to spreading information about the “potential dangers on interactive services online like chat, IM, online games, email and on mobiles.” Their site is divided into sections for each of these media, where advice and personal, real-life stories illustrate the importance of knowing the danger signs and following basic safety rules. “Never reply to text messages from people you don’t know. This includes spam.”

iKeepSafe Kids
The Internet Keep Safe Coalition is a partnership of community leaders from politics, law enforcement and education, and technology companies such as Google, Symantec, YouTube and AOL. Through the adventures of Faux Pax the cat, a safety mascot, kids learn about the dangers of downloading, dealing with cyber-bullying, and basic Internet safety rules. In addition to games, videos, and printable coloring pages, there are downloadable books in PPT format and curriculum materials.

Web Wise Kids
Web Wise Kids sells detective-style games based on real-life criminal cases, that can be used at home or in a classroom to engage students in the subject of Internet safety. They also have a free section that is compelling enough to warrant inclusion in my picks. Be sure to watch Katie’s Story on video. She was fifteen when she met a twenty-two year old man in an Internet chat room. Katie now volunteers for Web Wise Kids, as she “shares her powerful first-hand testimony with other young teens and parents to let them know that what happened to her and her family can also happen to them.”

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“You can fool too many of the people too much of the time.” ~~ James Thurber ~~ (December 8, 1894 – November 2, 1961) American humorist and cartoonist. Click here for more wisdom quotes.

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