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#1. May 18, 2011

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

I penned this note in advance, just hours before leaving on my Italian girls getaway. But if all has gone according to our schedule, we took a train to Florence from Rome yesterday, and checked into our apartment in Florence. We are in the Santa Croce area of Florence, in a building that dates back to the thirteenth century! In fact, Leonardo da Vinci began his first apprenticeship at the age of thirteen on the corner of the block where we will be staying.

By now, there should be pictures posted on Flickr and Facebook. I would love to hear from you. You can comment at the Surfnetkids Facebook page (as long as you have already “LIKED” me.)

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
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#2. Spiders

by Barbara J. Feldman

Spiders Printable (** for premium members only)

Spiders are eight-legged creatures that produce silk and have venomous fangs. They are found in every continent expect Antarctica, and rank seventh in species diversity among all organisms! Although frequently associated with webs, there are some spiders that do not spin webs. Learn more at today’s site picks.

Burke Museum: Spider Myths
Spider expert Rod Crawford, Curator of Arachnids at Burke Museum in Seattle, WA, says that nearly all “widespread information about spiders is false.” This collection of spider myths, misconceptions and superstitions has grown out of his desire to educate us. The first myth he tackles is that spiders are insects. Spiders, however, have eight legs and belong to the Class Arachnida, while insects have six legs and are in the Class Insecta. “Arachnids are as distant from insects, as birds are from fish. It really is not a trivial distinction!”

Enchanted Learning: Spiders
For young explorers, Enchanted Learning has dozens of spidery crafts, rhymes and printable worksheets. My favorite clicks are the Label the Spider Anatomy printout (with definitions for spider parts such as spinnerets, pedicel, abdomen and cephalothorax) and the Tarantula fact sheet. “The biggest tarantula is Pseudotherathosa apophysis, which has a leg span of about 13 inches (33 cm). These arachnids have a very long life span; some species can live over 30 years.”

Kidzone: Spiders
Kidzone has lots and lots of spider activities (worksheets, printable puzzles, coloring pages) plus an excellent Spider Fact slide show and cool, creepy photo gallery. “All spiders are predators and many will eat other spiders. Scientists have found spiders in amber (Did you watch Jurassic Park?) that dates back to about 2 million years. Because spider’s skeletons are quite small and fragile it is difficult to find whole fossilized spiders.”

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#5. Surfing the Calendar

Karol Wojtyla Birthday (Pope John Paul II)
May 18, 1920

Major Mount St. Helens Volcanic Eruption
May 18, 1980

Circus Day, Anniversary of First Ringling
Brothers Performance

May 19, 1884

Premiere of Star Wars:
Episode I

May 19, 1999

Jumping Frog Jubilee in Angels Camp, CA
May 19-22, 2011

Charles Lindbergh Flies Historic Solo
Nonstop Transatlantic Flight

May 20-21, 1927

Amelia Earhart’s Atlantic Crossing
May 20, 1932

Weights and Measures Day
May 20, 2011

Most Powerful Earthquake of the 20th Century Struck Chile
May 22, 1960

Hurricane Preparedness Week
May 22-28, 2011

Margaret Wise Brown’s Birthday
May 23, 1910

World Turtle Day
May 23, 2011

National Backyard Games Week
May 23-30, 2011

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“Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure.” ~ Jack Lemmon ~~ (February 8, 1925 – June 27, 2001) American actor, comedian. Click here for more success quotes.

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