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#1. June 22, 2011

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

I can’t think of a single useful or witty thing to say to you today, so I am simply going to pass only two jokes that were recently submitted at JokesByKids.com (and approved by Vicky, our trusted Joke Editor.)

From Leo, age 5, Bethlehem, PA

What’s brown and sticky?
A stick!

From Fizly, age 9, Singapore

Ms. Jessie: “Jerry, I hope I didn’t just see you copying Sally’s math test.”
Jerry: “I hope you didn’t either.”

Want more? There are 4301 more jokes (submitted by kids from around the world) at Jokes By Kids. You can also submit your own joke (even if you are not still a kid) here.


See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
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#2. Things To Do This Summer

by Barbara J. Feldman

Things To Do This Summer Printable (** for premium members only)

“Mommy, I’m bored!” Prevent the b-word from visiting your house this summer by combing these lists of summer activities ahead of time. Hopefully you will find dozens of good ideas and enough inspiration to fill the entire season.

About Parenting Teens: 101 Fun Things To Do This Summer
“Here is a list of fun things for your teen to do this summer. Print it out and give it to your teen the first time they tell you they are bored. Or be proactive and give it to them before they complain about nothing to do.” Great ideas from the About.com guide Denise Witmer include inventing a new type of pizza, making a music video, having a watermelon seed spitting contest, and hosting a car wash to raise money for your favorite local charity.

Backyard Nature: 101 Nature-Oriented Things To Do This Summer
Here at Backyard Nature, summer is all about the outdoors. Suggestions include listing all the trees in your neighborhood, putting out a birdbath (“It doesn’t have to be a real birdbath, but could be something like a turned-upside garbage can lid.”) and starting a rock collection. Most of the 101 items include educational links, so you can learn more about feathers, lichens, squirrels, bug-eaten leaves, and other fun backyard stuff.

Homeschool.com: 101 Things To Do This Summer
“As much as your kids will tell you they can’t wait for summer, the words ‘I’m bored,’ inevitably cross their lips – sometimes sooner than you think! While children do enjoy the freedom that comes with the summer months, they still like to have a little structure to their fun.” So, how about writing a letter to your best friend, making dinner with your family, cutting up old greeting cards to make a puzzle, or starting a band? With 101 suggestions, there is surely something here that will capture your child’s imagination.

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#5. Surfing the Calendar

Wimbledon 2010
Jun 20 – Jul 3, 2011

National Pollinator Week
Jun 20 – 26, 2011

Fifth Harry Potter Book Released
Jun 21, 2003

Summer Begins
Jun 22, 2011

Summer Reading Begins
Jun 22, 2011

Summer Solstice
Jun 22, 2011

John Adams’ Alien Act Approved
Jun 25, 1798

Start of Korean War
Jun 25, 1950

Battle of Little Bighorn
Jun 25-26, 1876

CN Tower Opened
Jun 26, 1976

Helen Keller’s Birthday
Jun 27, 1880

Mildred J. Hill Composes
“Happy Birthday to You” Melody

Jun 27, 1829

First Giraffe in France Arrived in Paris
Jun 30, 1827

#6. Quote of the Week

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” ~~ Clay P. Bedford ~~ Click here for more children quotes.

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