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#1. July 13, 2011

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

I had a friend fly in from New Hampshire on Sunday, and I took a mental health day on Monday to run around San Diego with a him and a couple of other friends. He is also a website publisher, maybe you’ve read some of his articles? His name is Tim Carter of AskTheBuilder.com. On Sunday night we went for Mexican food (he wanted some of that “green stuff” we call guacamole) and he was so excited to be serenaded by his very first Mariachi band.

The next day we got together for lunch with a mutual friend who was staying at the Hyatt in San Diego. I had suggested we all gather at my house for lunch (I offered to barbecue steaks!) but our friend insisted we come to his room at the Hyatt because we just HAD TO SEE IT. Now I’ve stayed at hotels all around the world, and I didn’t understand why I had to drive to downtown San Diego to see his hotel room. Then he explained that they had given him the Penthouse Suite.

Wow! Talk about the life of a rock star! Yikes! No, our friend (let’s call him Russ, ’cause that’s his name) is not a rock star, just a business man who is a member of Hyatt Rewards Club. I guess the room was empty, and they thought … why not give Russ a thrill? So, up we trudged in the secret elevator, to the ONLY suite on the Penthouse floor. We ordered room service (why not?) ate at the dining table (which would have easily seated eight) and looked out at the beautiful harbor views as Russ played a song for us on the grand piano that was in the living room. So, here is a snapshot of me, living la vida loca, in the penthouse suite. Ooh la la!

Turn on images to see me in living the life of a rock star!

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
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#2. Nature for Kids

by Barbara J. Feldman

Nature for Kids Printable (** for premium members only)

Today’s websites are dedicated to inspiring you to push yourself away from the computer desk, and get outside! Whether in your backyard, a city park or a wilderness area, there are many discoveries to be made. Sharpen your senses and go meet nature.

Backyard Nature
Start with Jim Conrad’s 3 Steps to Discovering Nature. Step One: Identify the plants and animals you find around you. Step Two: Learn something interesting about stuff you’ve identified. Step Three: Keep a Nature Notebook to record all the things you learn. Other sections deserving of a shout out are Names & Classification (with articles such as “On the Beauty of Scientific Names”) and Tools for Backyard Naturalists (with both online and offline resources to help with species identification.)

FieldGuides to more than 5,500 species of animals and plants are the core content here at eNature. Species are searchable by keyword, color, size, region and even zip code! For kid stuff, mouse on over to Fun & Games, where you’ll find quizzes (Do you know scat?) and species flash cards to embed on your own website. These flash cards are snippets of code you can paste on your website or blog that will display a photo and a description of an animal. Great for online school reports or just for showing off your favorite animals.

Nature Explore: Family Activities
With their Families’ Club kit, Nature Explore provides field-tested, research-based nature activities for families, clubs and classrooms. Follow the link at the end of the introduction to download the kit free of charge, or order a low-cost CD if that is easier for you. The kit contains six printable color handouts (for a range of ages) and facilitator’s notes for each activity. The outdoor activities require simple supplies (such as crayons and measuring tape) and come with a short list of related children’s books and websites.

… Click to continue Nature for Kids .

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Nature Coloring Pages


#5. Surfing the Calendar

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Jul 12, 1960

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Jul 12, 1976

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John Newbery’s Birthday
Jul 19, 1713

U.S. Air Force Began Training Tuskegee Airmen
Jul 19, 1941

Women’s Rights Convention Held at Seneca Falls, NY
Jul 19-20, 1848

#6. Quote of the Week

“An artist, under pain of oblivion, must have confidence in himself, and listen only to his real master: Nature.” ~~ Pierre-Auguste Renoir ~~ (February 25, 1841 – December 3, 1919) French artist and leading Impressionist painter. Click here for more nature quotes.

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