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#1. February 29, 2012

Barbara J. Feldman
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Happy Leap Day! Did you know that Julius Caesar invented the leap year in 45 BC? Julius Caesar and his astronomer Sosigenes changed the calendar from 355 days to 365 days, adding a 29th day to February every fourth year. You can learn more about the history of the calendar here.

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#2. Sea Otters

by Barbara J. Feldman

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Sea otters, members of the weasel family, have the densest fur of any mammal to keep them warm as they frolic in the cold Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, their beautiful, waterproof coats also make them attractive to the fur trade. There is good news on the conservation front, however, and sea otter populations have recently increased. Learn more about the adorable sea otter at these fun sites.

Friends of the Sea Otter: Kids Section
Friends of the Sea Otters introduces kids to sea otters with stories, games, riddles, videos and live webcams. Don’t miss the Resources link on the top of the page for a detailed history of California sea otters, which were once thought to be extinct. From there you’ll find the link to Sea otter FAQs which includes fun facts about sea otters and their conservation.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Sea Otters
California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium has rescued and released over 500 stranded and orphaned sea otters. Through tracking devices and research, these biologists are among the top experts on sea otters. Learn about the work they do by following the story of Kit, an abandoned sea otter pup who eventually becomes a surrogate mother for other orphaned pups. Videos of her progress and a sea otter webcast bring the story to life. The site also provides downloadable PDFs of projects and activities for teachers.

Otter Net: Species Profile: Sea Otter
For students writing a paper, Otter Net is a treasure trove, although there are a few grammatical errors (typos?) here and there. Extensive information is supplied on everything from the size and shape of otters to their habitats and what they eat. There are also a story about the discovery of sea otters in 1741 by the shipwrecked Russian ship, the St. Peter. “Thankfully for the crew, a botanist, biologist, and student of medicine is on board, his name is George Wilhelm Steller. He nursed the men back to health with plants and the Kamchatka Sea Beaver, aka, the Sea Otter.”

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