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#1. April 25, 2012

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

With Easter and Passover behind us, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Here’s a list of resources, collected from all corners of the Feldman Publishing network.

Mother’s Day Fun (a whole site devoted to MOM!)

Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

Mother’s Day Poems (recommended websites)

Poems for Mother (the poems themselves)

More Poems for Mother (the poems themselves)

Mother’s Day Crafts

Mother’s Day Recommended Websites

Mother’s Day Slider (online game)

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
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#2. Alcohol Awareness

by Barbara J. Feldman

Alcohol Awareness Printable (** for premium members only)

In honor of April’s status as Alcohol Awareness Month, this week’s crop of sites for kids, teens and the grownups that love them focus on the dangers of underage drinking and alcohol abuse.

Above the Influence: Alcohol
“Our goal is to help you stay above the influence. The more aware you are of the influences around you, the better prepared you will be to stand up to the pressures that keep you down.” Created by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, this site has facts about all kinds of drugs, from alcohol to tobacco. Although alcohol gets only a single page, I’ve included it because the rest of the site is worth a visit (or two!) “Alcohol is a depressant that affects every part of your body. The damage it does now can impact the rest of your life.”

Ask, Listen, Learn
Using games and printable activity sheets, Ask, Listen, Learn “provides youth ages 9-14 and their parents with information about the dangers of underage drinking” and the benefits of making healthy choices. Grownups can download the Facilitators Guide, Parents’ Fact Sheet, and a variety of printable brochures that will help teachers incorporate the site into lesson plans and guide parents on using the site to promote dialogue with their teens about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Check Yourself
“A place for teens to check out where they are with drugs and alcohol.” Check Yourself offers quizzes and decision games providing older teens a safe place to explore their lifestyle choices. “Most importantly, visitors will be able to get factual answers to questions about substance abuse, learn how to talk about their concerns with people who can help them, and get information about counseling and treatment facilities.”

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#4. Surfing the Calendar

National Park Week
Apr 21-29, 2012

National Playground Safety Week
Apr 22-28, 2012

Italy Liberation Day
Apr 25, 1945

World Penguin Day
Apr 25, 2012

Whydah Pirate Ship Sank Off the New England Coast
Apr 26, 1717

Richter Scale Day
Apr 26, 2012

Ulysses S. Grant’s Birthday
Apr 27, 1822

Harper Lee’s Birthday
Apr 28, 1926

Astronomy Day
Apr 28, 2012

Arbor Day
Apr 29, 2012

U.S. Buys Louisiana Territory from France
Apr 30, 1803

Vietnam Liberation Day
Apr 30, 1975

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

National Youth Traffic Safety Month

Sudoku First Published as Number Place in Dell Puzzle Magazine
May, 1979

May Day
May 1, 2012

Mother Goose Day
May 1, 2012

Holocaust Day
May 1, 2012

Whale Awareness Day (in Massachusetts)
May 1, 2012

#5. Quote of the Week

“There is no education like adversity.” ~~ Benjamin Disraeli ~~ (21 December 1804 – 19 April 1881) British Prime Minister. Click here for more determination quotes.

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