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#1. January 23, 2013

Barbara J. Feldman
Dear Reader,

Gulp .. if Groundhog Day is next week, that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here’s what’s new at some of my sites.

Over at Valentine’s Day Fun, there is a BIG batch of printable Valentines. in both color and black-and-white. Here are my site recommendations for Valentine crafts from Surfnetkids. Also stayed tuned for a new batch of Valentine’s Day site recommendations coming next week in this very newsletter.

For a bigger crop of Valentine’s Day resources, check out this list at Seasonal Fun.

See ya on the Net,
Barbara J. Feldman
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#2. Groundhog Day

by Barbara J. Feldman

Groundhog Day Printable (** for premium members only)

Groundhog Day folklore says if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow when he comes out of his burrow on February 2, there will be six more weeks of winter. If it is overcast, and the groundhog does not see his shadow, then spring must be near. How accurate is the furry rodent that is also known as woodchuck? Visit the following sites to find out.

Apples4theTeacher: Groundhog Day
“The celebration of Groundhog Day began with Pennsylvania’s earliest settlers. It stemmed from a combination of religious beliefs and facts associated with hibernating animals. They brought with them the legend of Candlemas Day.” Apples4theTeacher has a nice selection of printable activities, poems, stories, related books, and Groundhog Day crafts. For example, this poem from Robert Louis Stevenson dovetails nicely with the holiday. “I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me / And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.”

DLTK: Happy Groundhog’s Day
Celebrate Groundhog’s Day at DLTK with printable coloring pages, a fun tongue twister poster, puzzles, printable books, bulletin board ideas for teachers, and dozens of craft projects. “The first little groundhog digs a home in the fall, And curls up all winter rolled up like a ball.” Print out the rhyme, and make five felt groundhogs (from a printable template) for a fun finger puppet activity.

Groundhogs at HogHaven
Visit HogHaven to meet some of the groundhogs that live there, watch videos, hear sounds, and peruse the frequently asked questions. What do groundhogs eat? “We are mostly vegetarians. We like fruits and vegetables of all kinds, and some of us will eat eggs (I’ll take mine scrambled please!). I’ve also heard that some of us occasionally eat bugs (yuck!). Other than that, we are not meat eaters.”

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Groundhog Day Printable

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Groundhog Day Jigsaw Puzzle

Groundhog Day Concentration Puzzle

#5. Surfing the Calendar

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#6. Quote of the Week

“Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work.” ~~ Mark Twain ~~ (November 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910) American humorist, writer. Click here for more Mark Twain quotes.

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