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#1. January 15, 2014

Barbara J. Feldman
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#2. File Folder Games

by Barbara J. Feldman

File Folder Games Printable (** for premium members only)

File folder games for preschoolers are fun learning activities that are easy to make and customize. Each starts with a manila (or colored) file folder, the same kind used in offices to organize filing cabinets. These websites feature hundreds of ideas, but the possibilities are endless.

Daycare Resource Connection: File Folder Games
Daycare Resource Connection (DRC) features two kinds of games. The first uses clothespins and file folders that are only open at one end (also known as file jackets). These games can also be made using zip lock bags, since the folders are only used for storage. The second uses the more common file folder that lays flat when it opens. Topics include letters, colors, shapes, animals, seasons and holidays.

File Folder Fun
Lots of free printable file folder games here, but the ads are distracting and interfere with navigation. But if you are determined, you’ll be rewarded with dozens of free PDF game templates in both color and black-and-white. Games are divided into categories by grade level and subject, and include games about letters, colors, counting, science, sequencing and picture matching.

Kindergarten Kindergarten: File Folder Games
Kathyrn Warner, a kindergarten teacher from central Texas, shares her beautifully illustrated printable file folder games on her Kindergarten Kindergarten site. “The games are in full color, and take a lot of ink, so it’s probably best to print them on a color laser printer.” She also recommends printing the game pieces on cardstock and then laminating them. Topics include number sense, upper and lowercase letters, and color sorting.

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