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Duct Tape Crafts

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By Stephanie Lynn: Creative Duct Tape Crafts

“The heavy duty adhesive [duct tape] has thousands of uses and probably known best for it’s quick fix ability. But have you taken a peek at the fashionable colors and prints available now-a-days? For crafters, duct tape offers countless possibilities – and it’s not only inexpensive but super easy to work with too!” Stephanie Lynn rounds up forty-five duct tape projects from across the web. To visit each one, click the link labeled “Source” below each photo.

Duck Brand: Ducktivities

This collection of duct tape “ducktivities” includes both user-submitted projects and those created by Duck Brand. The projects are organized into categories such as Crafts, Fashion Accessories, Flowers and Wallets. Each craft is user-rated on a scale of five, includes a skill level, and a time estimate. This is an excellent and extensive resource. It houses over 3400 craft ideas!

Instructables: Duct Tape

Instructuables is a community that grew from an idea at the MIT Media Lab, and the site now houses over 100,000 project instructions. This channel is all about duct tape crafts. Since each “instructable” has a different author, they vary a lot. There even are a few projects here that don’t use duct tape. But overall, the quality is fantastic, and there are nearly 300 ideas here.

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