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This week’s topic of Online Scavenger Hunts is an update of a previous column, but it remains one of Surfnetkids’ most popular topics.

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Online Scavenger Hunts

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This week’s site selection is dedicated to improving search skills. Some of today’s sites feature a single daily question (or search challenge), and others offer a collection of topic-based research questions often called online scavenger hunts. Good hunting!

Blackwell's Best: Internet Scavenger Hunts

Vicki Blackwell brings us lots and lots of scavenger hunts. A few have fallen victim to link rot (URLs that no longer work) but there are so many goodies here, I just had to ignore the few problems. The first batch (listed at the top of the page) is hunts created by teachers in the Tangipahoa Parish School System in Louisiana. Next comes a PowerPoint presentation that consists of research questions called “mini-hunts.” The third section is a collection of both on-site and off-site scavenger hunts, some from sites such as Education World , Scholastic and Cyberbee .

Education World: Internet Scavenger Hunts

Education World has organized their large collection of printable scavenger hunts (in PDF format) by month. For example, May includes Memorial Day Memories, April Showers Bring May Flowers, Honoring our Veterans and fourteen other topics. In addition to the one-page activity sheets with questions and links to web resources, Education World provides online answer keys.

A Google a Day

“There’s no right way to solve it, but there’s only one right answer.” This fun, daily scavenger hunt from Google is special for several reasons. First, the daily questions are created so as not to be easily found with a single search; it usually will take at least two searches (sometimes more) to find the answer. Another unique part of Google a Day is that it is powered by Deja Google. Calling it a “wormhole inspired time machine”, Deja Google is a snapshot of yesterday’s Google results, so that other players will not spoil your fun by having their answers appear in your Google results.

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