[Surfnetkids] Mother Goose

Dear Reader, Now that I dusted off the construction dirt from the new Surfnetkids Download Store, here’s a discount coupon to try it out! Use the code HALFOFFSPRING to get 50% off a minimum purchase of $ 8. You can …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] The Holocaust

Dear Reader, New this week on the Surfnetkids site are MLA citations at the bottom of each individual post in web reviews, Almanac articles, and Tech Tips. I hope these are helpful. Also new on the site is an updated …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Photosynthesis

Dear Reader, Did you know that Amazon Prime members can borrow both of my Jokes By Kids Kindle books for free? While that may not be quite enough of an incentive to pay the annual $ 99 fee, I’ve long …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Blogging Platforms

Dear Reader, Today in 1865, the Civil War ended. Here are my recommended resources for learning more about the Civil War: http://www.surfnetkids.com/resources/civil-war/ . In other news, spring has sprung in my corner of the world. We have bunnies on the …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Submit Your Poems

Dear Reader, Did you know that April is … National Kite Month National Frog Month National Garden Month Distracted Driving Awareness Month Financial Literacy Month California Earthquake Preparedness Month National Humor Month National Math Education Month National Poetry Month? We …[Continue]