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[Surfnetkids] Louisiana Purchase

Dear Reader, I’ve mentioned before that I am knee-deep in a redesign for that will bring the site into the 21st century with a fresh design and mobile-friendly layout. The entire redesign will be live by the end of …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Ludwig van Beethoven

Dear Reader, With Hanukkah and Christmas just around the corner, here are a few holiday suggestions from the Surfnetkids Download Store: Printable Hanukkah Fun: 23 printable puzzles and coloring pages, just $ 2.97 Big Alphabet Coloring Book (Volume 1) …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

Dear Reader, Welcome back! I had a fantastic Thanksgiving week, and hope all my American readers did as well. Here’s a snapshot of our dinner table for 23 which we set up in our family room. Rear Admiral Grace Hopper …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Easy Cookie Recipes

Dear Reader, With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’ve made a momentous decision. I am not sending a newsletter out next week. Whew! There, I said it. With family arriving as soon as Monday, I’ve decided to put work aside, …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Math Puzzles

Dear Reader, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For me this means family coming for the weekend, and a big multi-day food fest! We are hosting 24 for dinner at our house, and cooking two turkeys and a brisket! What …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Thanksgiving Crafts

Dear Reader, My husband and I just returned from a wonderfully relaxing trip to Hawaii’s Big Island. You can see a few pictures from our very lazy, beach holiday on Instagram (no need to login) or Facebook. For Facebook, you …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Pumpkin Carving

Dear Reader, Thank you to everyone who responded to the newsletter to tell me what they looking forward to. I am still going through the responses, so please be patient if I haven’t gotten back to you. Here are some …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Comma Rules

Dear Reader, I am so excited about the Surfnetkids website redesign I am working on, and I am enjoying seeing it unfold on my computer. What are you doing this week that has you excited? Just hit reply to let …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Halloween Safety

Dear Reader, With Halloween just around the corner, spooky bulletin board ideas are trending over at our Halloween mini-site. Take a look at what we have here. See ya on the Net, Barbara J. Feldman “Surfing the Net with Kids” …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] German Reunification

Dear Reader, As I promised last week, here’s a more complete list of Halloween resources from Surfnetkids and our related sites: Halloween Resources Also, for those of you interested in creating your own website to promote your books, consulting, or …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Fire Safety

Dear Reader, And … it’s October! Have you started planning your costumes yet? Here are a few resources to help you out: Online Halloween Games from Surfnetkids Halloween Fun also from Surfnetkids Halloween Coloring Pages, from (you guessed it!) Surfnetkids …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Internet Safety Games

Dear Reader, Do you use 2-step verification to secure any of your online accounts? It is the solution that Apple recently announced to secure iCloud after a few high-profile cases where celebrities had certain … um … selfies stolen from …[Continue]