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[Surfnetkids] Test-Taking Tips

Dear Reader, All the back-to-school posts on my Facebook wall, made me think about the kind of school supplies I had as a kid. Need a folder? The only choice was a Pee Chee folder in golden rod! Anyone here …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Study Skills

Dear Reader, I’ve been on a bit of a hobby rampage. In the last couple of months, I’ve started three new hobbies: digital photography (with a mirrorless Samsang camera), New York Times crossword puzzles (interactive, using an app on my …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Scientific Classification

Dear Reader, It’s a new school year! Is that a hurrah or a whimper I hear? Let’s focus on the good, and tell me, what are you looking forward to this year? Let me know by hitting reply, and I’ll …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Crossword Puzzles

Dear Reader, It’s back-to-school season! Have you started school yet? Let me know by hitting reply. See ya on the Net, Barbara J. Feldman “Surfing the Net with Kids” Crossword Puzzles Crossword Puzzles Printable(** for Premium Members only) …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Lions

Dear Reader, Do you have pets? We have a German shepherd and two cats. One of the cats is “mine”. I’m clearly his person, although he truly loves everyone. I feed him, clean his litter box, and groom his impossibly …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Warsaw Uprising

Dear Reader, I’m really enjoying my new Samsung NX300 camera. This weekend I combined my love of cooking, my peach bounty, and my burgeoning camera skills to create a step-by-step recipe (with photos!) of my homemade low-cal peach ice cream. …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Photography Tips and Tutorials

Dear Reader, I bought myself a camera last week during the Amazon Prime Day sale. I haven’t used a digital camera in quite a few years, and I have so much to learn. Thus, this week’s topic!I purchased a mirrorless …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Voting Rights Act of 1965

Dear Reader, Any fun summer travel plans coming up? I actually don’t have any until September, but then I’ve got a wedding in Las Vegas, the Jewish holidays in Miami, and a 30th wedding anniversary trip to Aix-en-Provence, Israel and …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Manhattan Project

Dear Reader, How about the US Women’s Soccer team? That was some fantastic game against Japan. #USAvsJPN Did you watch it? Congrats to the whole team. And Carli Lloyd? Just amazing. This morning I woke thinking about her and how …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Battle of Waterloo

Dear Reader, How is your summer going? The weather here in San Diego alternates between our famous June Gloom and sunny skies. After a gloomy Saturday, I took advantage of Sunday’s peekaboo sunshine to go the beach with a girlfriend. …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Revolutionary War

Dear Reader, It’s almost Independence Day here in the states, and I have lots of resources to recommend. Happy 4th of July to all my American readers! See ya on the Net, Barbara J. Feldman “Surfing the Net with Kids” …[Continue]

[Surfnetkids] Sally Ride

Dear Reader, My niece just graduated from college, I had a birthday, and my daughter is starting medical school in a few weeks. What’s does all this mean? June is in full swing, and Father’s Day is just around the …[Continue]