10 Things to Know About George Washington


George Washington was the first President of the United States of America and a champion for the people during the Revolutionary War against England. He was a man of principle and will always hold an important, highly regarded place in American History.

1. People Should Be Their Own Masters

George Washington believed that people should be their own masters, that they would accomplish more and live better lives as well with liberty as opposed to doing without. As an interesting side note, Washington was the only Founding Father who freed his slaves and favor of their freedom.

2. President Before the White House Was Built

He became president before the White House was built and was the only president who didn’t live in Washington D.C. There are many different cities, town, and streets that are named after Washington. The nation’s capital, 31 counties and 17 cities are named after him.

3. Surveyor and Planter

Long before he got into politics, George Washington was a surveyor and planter. He introduced the mule, a crossbreed between a male donkey and a female horse, to American agriculture. Washington also grew marijuana on his farm to help stabilize the soil and to promote the industrial value it had as hemp.

George Washington, First U.S. President

4. Unanimous Vote in the Electoral College

The way that presidents are elected was a very important issue during the time of the 13 original colonies and the founding of the nation. The founding fathers wanted to ensure that the election processes were just and that the people were able to choose. Washington was the only president to ever be elected by a unanimous vote in the Electoral College. It is also doubtful that this will ever happen again.

5. Shortest Inauguration Speech Ever

George Washington served two terms as president. The inauguration speech before a president takes office is very important and is viewed as a historical event. Washington’s second inauguration speech was the shortest ever given at only 135 words long. He was known for being a great inspiration to many people even with his short speech.

6. General of the Armies of Congress

George Washington commanded the Continental Army and was a four-star general in his military career. After his death and on the order of Gerald Ford, Washington became the General of the Armies of Congress. Ford believed that the first president of the nation should also be the holder of the highest military position.

7. The Only Title That Has Remained The Same

Governments worldwide have changed since the election of George Washington. When he was elected, there was a king in France, an emperor in China, a shogun in Japan and a czarina in Russia. The political structures of all these nations have changed since Washington was president and the only title that still remains is that of president.

8. 1st President on a Postage Stamp

Washington was the first president to ever appear on a postage stamp. He is also printed on the one dollar bill, which is the most commonly looked at and used bill of American currency.

9. Famous Relatives

Washington was related to several other very important people in world history. He was a half first cousin to James Madison who was also a very important American Revolution. He was also a second cousin seven times removed from Queen Elizabeth II and an eighth cousin six times removed from Winston Churchill.

10. Dentures

Washington had very few teeth and didn’t have dentures at the time of his first inauguration. At other times in his life, he wore dentures made of human teeth, ivory and even lead.

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