For Upcoming Holidays

An assortment of puzzles hand-picked for upcoming holidays, special events, and the current season. For July, we have Summer, Independence Day, National Ice Cream Month and Summer Camp.

Flipper Pairs

Thumbnail image for Flipper Pairs

There is one flipper in this picture that does not have a mate, can you find it? Print out the PDF and draw lines between all the matching flippers until you find the unique one. An answer sheet is included so that you can check your solution.

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Caravan Differences

Thumbnail image for Caravan Differences

Wow! This is an expert level spot the differences activity page. Download this free PDF to see if you have the super human spotting skills necessary to conquer this puzzle. Here’s a handy hint: view this download in your favorite PDF reader then increase the image size!

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Sweet Treats

Thumbnail image for Sweet Treats

Print out this yummy activity to satisfy your puzzle hunger. Search out and devour all the differences, one by one. Savor the deliciousness of each difference as you hunt for the next. There are ten in all and there’s an answer sheet included in the download. Although, I’m sure you won’t need it.

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Safe Driving Differences

Thumbnail image for Safe Driving Differences

It is summer vacation time and we are heading to the beach! What will you do for your summer vacation? If you don’t have any plans yet, you can always do some super duper spot the difference puzzles. There are tons to print out on this site so you can take them with you where […]

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Ice Cream Cone 1 – 34

Thumbnail image for Ice Cream Cone 1 – 34

Here’s a tasty dot to dot treat for you and all of your friends. Download and print the PDF then draw the lines to complete the picture. It will look good enough to eat, but it is not recommended that you do so. Color it in and have a fun day!

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4th of July Word Search

4th of July Word Search

Here is a patriotic activity for all of you Independence Day needs. Hunt for and find the twenty six hidden words in this printable word search puzzle. Don’t worry if you get stuck, you will find an answer sheet included in the PDF.

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Stars and Stripes 1 – 20

Thumbnail image for Stars and Stripes 1 – 20

Old Glory has never looked so good! With this awesome dot to dot puzzle you can enjoy the stripes and the stars forever. Print out this downloadable PDF to get the Fourth of July Celebrations started. Happy Independence Day everyone!

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Gelato – a to z

Thumbnail image for Gelato – a to z

Do you know the difference between gelato and ice cream? I’m not really sure, but I do know you will have lots of fun connecting the letters from a to z on this gelato dot to dot!

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