For Upcoming Holidays

An assortment of puzzles hand-picked for upcoming holidays, special events, and the current season. For September, we have Back to School and Fall.

Two Autumn Pictures

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This fall, we’re doing everything in double! There will be twice the falling leaves, we will go to school for twice as many hours and we will do twice the number of spot the difference puzzles! Start with this great download and find the ten differences in two different fall pictures.

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School House Match

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Play a fun brain game with this great printable. The way you play is simple. Use your imagination to fold the shape labeled number 1 into a three dimensional school house. Then look at the eight school houses shown below it. One of them is the way the school house will look when folded, can […]

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Autumn Spot the Diffs

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Fall; leaves on the ground, winter on it’s way and a whole slew of differences to find. That’s what I think of when I think of fall. I also printed out this autumn themed spot the differences puzzle. I can circle the ten differences I find in each set of pictures as I listen to […]

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Circles and Squares

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This is an excellent game to play if you want to help your brain grow big and strong. Each set of four pictures contains one that does not match the others, but they have been rotated around and around making it hard to tell which one is different. Can you solve this crazy conundrum?

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Mean Math Teacher

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Yes, yes we all hate math. Or do we? I certainly don’t, in fact I love math. It follows the rules and plays well with other subjects. Another thing I love is spot the difference puzzles. They can be hard, but with enough concentration, you can solve every one! This one even comes with a […]

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Shiny Apple 1 – 10

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Is it true that teachers like apples? What if they prefer bananas or pears? Although there a few things in life that are finer than crisp apple slices with some peanut butter smeared on them. And nothing is better than eating those apples while you do a great connect the dot puzzle. Like this one for example…go ahead print it out and have a great afternoon.

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It’s Educational 1 – 20

Thumbnail image for It’s Educational 1 – 20

What could this picture be? Its’ secrets are hidden in the numbered dots that you can connect to unlock the mystery. Just draw a line between each of the dots in order from one to twenty and prepare to be amazed. All you have to do is print out this free PDF.

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Letter A – 1 to 12

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A is for apple, April and artichoke! Connect the dots from 1 to 12 in this simple puzzle to reveal the letter A.

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