Dot to Dot Puzzles

Angel 1 – 47

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Share this angelic dot to dot activity with your little angel. They can practice counting and drawing lines from point A to point B. Then when they are finished completing the puzzle they can color the picture. Even adults can’t resist the fun of a connect the dot activity, so do yourself a favor and […]

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Baby Chicken 1 – 49

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Don’t be chicken, just download this great PDF. It is a super fun dot to dot puzzle of a baby chicken. But you better hurry, because this little chicken won’t stay little forever. Connect the dots to complete the picture then color it. So much fun in such a little package.

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Bat Moon 1 – 31

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Did you know that bats rarely fly in the rain? They use sound to find their food and the rain drops just mess everything up. What else do you know about bats? I know that this printable PDF is a fun way to draw a bat by connecting the dots. Try it out, you just […]

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Bee 1 – 34

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Buzz, buzz. All you little busy bees should get to work on this dot to dot activity. Print it out and connect the dots from one to thirty four. No matter how busy you are there is always a little time for connecting the dots! Plus it is a great way to practice counting and […]

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Big Cat 1 – 64

Thumbnail image for Big Cat 1 – 64

Here is a dot to dot puzzle for all the cat lovers out there! Download and print out the PDF to complete the picture. Then color this ferocious beast so you can hang it in your room. What’s not to love about a soft and furry animal with razor sharp claws of doom?

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Bunny 1 – 47

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Hoppity hop from one number to the next when you complete this fun dot to dot puzzle. At the end of the trail, there will be a cute little bunny waiting for you. Just download and print the PDF to get started.

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Butterfly 1 – 42

Thumbnail image for Butterfly 1 – 42

Catch a butterfly with this fun PDF. It is a dot to dot activity page where you can draw your very own butterfly. Just draw a line from dot to dot starting with number one until you reach forty two. The you can color it in with lots of pretty butterfly colors.

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Chicklet 1 – 28

Thumbnail image for Chicklet 1 – 28

Which came first, the dot to dot or the chicken? That’s a silly question. Obviously the answer is the chicken. Or is it the dot to dot? Well, print out this PDF in the mean time and connect the dots to draw a cute little chick.

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