Dot to Dot Puzzles


Use your mouse to connect the dots in these interactive games. There are animal, toy, car, tool and European country themes to keep you entertained and guessing – why not try them all?

Sketcher 2

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Connect the dots in a hurry this time! If you don’t move quickly your pencil will run out and the game will be over! Oh no! Better get a move on!

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Next Dot Europe

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Learn your European countries and their flags all while having fun connecting the dots! Why not try guessing the countries before the answer shows? Then you’ll really be smart!

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Connect the Dots – Zoo

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Animals love to connect the dots! Did you know that? Join these animals and have some fun connecting the dots!

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Connect the Dots – Tools

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Do you know how to count? If you don’t know how this is a great place to practice! You know why? Because tools help make a hard job easier. Do you have a favorite tool?

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Connect the Dots – Toys

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Toys are so much fun! Especially when they are a surprise! Be surprised by what turns up when you connect the dots on these fun items. Can you guess what it will be before you finish?

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Connect the Dots – Cars

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Are you enthusiastic about cars? Do you love to count too? You’ve come to the right place! Start with the body. Trace some lights, windows and tires too. When you’re finished what you’ve been working toward will appear!

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