Dot to Dot Puzzles


Lots of decorated eggs and cute bunnies fill these connect the dot printables. Help a bunny paint an egg, make a special delivery from an Easter airplane, or draw a basket filled with pretty eggs. Now, hop to it and happy Easter!

Wagon Egg 1 – 10

Thumbnail image for Wagon Egg 1 – 10

Back when I was a little girl and wagons were popular, all us kids would get an Easter wagon filled with straw and decorated eggs. We would give the straw to the cows and throw the eggs in the river. Those were the good old days. Here’s an Easter wagon connect the dots for you. I hope you enjoy wagons as much as I did.

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Easter Explosion 1 – 21

Thumbnail image for Easter Explosion 1 – 21

Well, I never knew that Easter eggs could explode! I guess it is true what they say…that you can always learn something new from a connect the dots activity. With so many different dot to dots on this site, you will be a genius in no time!

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Easter Airplane 1 – 20

Thumbnail image for Easter Airplane 1 – 20

Take a ride in an Easter airplane! Deliver decorated eggs and candy to all the boys and girls in the whole world! All you need to do is strap on your imagination and print out this PDF. Where will you go first?

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Chubby Bunny 1 – 28

Thumbnail image for Chubby Bunny 1 – 28

Bunnies that eat too much Easter candy and eggs end up going on diets after the holiday is over. Next year bunnies will be delivering all of their treats on bicycles or skateboards to burn more calories. Here is an alternative to candy this year, a sweet dot to dot activity PDF!

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Bunny with Egg 1 – 35

Thumbnail image for Bunny with Egg 1 – 35

Happy bunnies, Happy eggs, and Happy Easter! Have a happy Easter this year when you spend some time with a super cute connect the dots activity page. Fun for everyone and free, gather the family together and celebrate Easter!

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Three Eggs, One Bunny 1 – 20

Thumbnail image for Three Eggs, One Bunny 1 – 20

Some people might think that this bunny has too many eggs. What does one bunny do with three eggs? Well, I’ll tell you. They sit on one and use the other two to keep their really long ears off of the ground. Isn’t that obvious? Help this bunny keep their ears clean by printing out this PDF!

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Bunny Egg 1 – 17

Thumbnail image for Bunny Egg 1 – 17

Easter bunnies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Complete this dot to dot activity to discover the shape of this bunny. Then use your super imagination to chose the color of this bunny’s fur. It is lots of fun to use your imagination!

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Bunny On Egg 1 – 40

Thumbnail image for Bunny On Egg 1 – 40

Easter bunnies love to hide. It is because they like to surprise people. Can you find the hidden bunny in this Easter connect the dots activity? Just print out this PDF and I’m sure you will find him. Surprise!

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