Dot to Dot Puzzles


Cuddly teddy bears, wooden alphabet blocks and high-flying kites, these are just a few of the printables featured in this playful category. Draw lines to connect the dots and reveal a fun toy. Be sure to check out the Sports category too!

Flying Kite 1 – 13

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What happens when you want to fly a kite but there is no wind? You print out a great dot to dot activity instead! Here is one for all the kite lovers out there. There are 13 dots and when you are all finished you can color it too! No wind necessary.

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Teddy Bear 1 – 47

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Draw a cute and cuddly teddy bear today with this fun, printable PDF. First, find the number 1 and then find the number 2. Now draw a line from 1 to 2. Nice work! Find the number 3 and draw a line from 2 to 3. Excellent! Do this over and over until you get […]

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Robot – A to Z

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This robot is trying to put himself back together and he needs your help! Connect the letters from A to Z and see if all those pieces don’t fall in to place.

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Doll – a to z

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This cute doll wants to practice her abc’s. Can you help her? Say the letters from a to z out loud while you connect the dots.

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Cube Puzzle – 5 to 100

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Do you think you can solve this puzzle? I bet you can if you know how to count by 5’s! Just connect the dots from 5 to 100 and see how easy this one really is to solve!

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Teddy Bear – 10 to 100

Thumbnail image for Teddy Bear – 10 to 100

Help this teddy bear stay out of the rain! Count by tens to one hundred and finish up his umbrella!

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Kite – 1 to 10

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Fly high while you are counting from 1 to 10 in this simple dot to dot. Can you tell what it is already?

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Blocks – 1 to 100

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Any way you stack these blocks, they won’t be finished until you connect the dots from 1 to 100!

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