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Here is a vocabulastic collection of word search activities organized into the subcategories: Games, Geography, Holidays, People and Printable.

Hidden words

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Hidden Words is a new word search highscores game with 28 categories and the ability to customize the game screen! You can change the background, highlight and letter color. Work to improve your scores and become a true word search master. Click and drag to highlight each word.

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This game is kind of like Hang-Man but with a time limit. Click the letters on the keyboard with the hope of finding one in the word. Wrong answers cost you time, so try to have a plan instead of guessing randomly. Find the word and advance to the next round, posting your high scores […]

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Banana Breakers

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Banana Breakers is a fun, new twist on a word hunt. In the easy mode, you are given sixteen letters that make four different words. Your job is to find out what those words are. Click on four letters that make any word, your word will then be used to give you clues about what […]

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Mystic Words

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Earn points by making words in this fun word challenge. Nine letters will float down the river. Create a word by clicking on the letters. Click “Submit” when you are finished or “Cancel” if you make a mistake. New letters will float in to replace the used letters until you are out of letters. Earn […]

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Word Search 5

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Just like Word Search 5, you get to compete with players around the world to see who has the fastest completion times. Click and drag to highlight the words on the list in record time! Lots of fun categories to choose from will provide you with hours of fun entertainment.

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Word Search 4

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A popular high score series Word Search is back with 10 new categories! Go for the highest score in a global competition! Find all the words on the list, then post your score. Click and drag to highlight each word as quickly as possible because your score depends on your speed!

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Word Search

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Two games for the price of one! This challenging word search game is both a vocabulary quiz and a word hunt, which makes the hunt part even harder. Answer the clue then look for the word hidden in the jumble. Click and drag to circle your answer. If you get stuck, you can use the […]

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Word Scramble

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Quick and fun to play, Word Scramble is a good exercise for your brain. You will get a jumbled set of letters that spell a word. Just click and drag to rearrange them into that word. There’s a time limit, so you have to think quick.

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