Reader Reviews

September 1999

Welcome to BiblioCat Webpage!

September 26, 1999 -- From Sheryl Skufca, a teacher from Ohio, USA who is affiliated with the site

BiblioCat is an resource website for teachers, librarians, library/media specialist, homeschoolers, and parents. The websites are reviewed and then organized by subjects. I have a weekly newsletter that shares reviewed websites with readers.


September 25, 1999 -- From Raymond, a reader from Templeton, California who is affiliated with the site

Big variety of cartoons/games by Raymond Mullikin! Cartoons, games, and animated cartoons made by Raymond Mullikin! New stuff uploaded every week! Big variety of cartoons! Sci-fi, fantasy, western, humor, etc.

Kwil Kids

September 25, 1999 -- From Susan Marshall, a parent from Oregon, USA who is affiliated with the site

I like that the content is written by and for kids

Travelogue Central

September 25, 1999 -- From Sean Munson, 16 years old from New Jersey, US who is affiliated with the site

Travelogue Central is a growing collection of travelogues and guides. It also features trip planning and shopping sections.


September 24, 1999 -- From Martha, a teacher from Orlando, Florida who is affiliated with the site

What a great way to add to your poetry library…for FREE! Former teacher and children’s author Rusty Fischer sends 7 new poems to your e-mail address every week. (That’s one poem for each day!) The poems are funny or touching, but never contain foul language or questionable content, so they’re great for classroom or family reading anytime! So what are you waiting for? Start your poetry library today! For FREE!

September 23, 1999 -- From Melissa K, a reader from Melbourne, Australia who is affiliated with the site

This site publishes writing and artwork by kids all over the world. It also has a growing list of Resource links and a “fun stuff” section.

Ronald J. Riley’s Inventor Resources

September 22, 1999 -- From Ronald J. Riley, a reader from USA who is affiliated with the site

Benefiting from over 4400 hours of research, this is the most comprehensive web based resource about invention available for children. No commercial advertising, all original content, and reasonable use of graphics makes for very fast downloads.

The Australian Kite Association website and e-zine

September 22, 1999 -- From Peter Batchelor, a reader from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia who is affiliated with the site

The Australian Kite Association is the oldest kiting body in Australia. It promotes kite flying in all forms throughout Australia. The website contains information about the association, Australia’s best known kite flier, Lawrence Hargrave, photos and plans for a variety of kites, as well as a comprehensive guide to using kites in the classroom.

Biographies for Children–The Young Patriots Series

September 22, 1999 -- From Florrie B., a parent from Carmel, Indiana who is affiliated with the site

The Young Patriots Series of children’s biographies features the adventures of Amelia Earhart, William Henry Harrison, and many more famous Americans. As kids read about Amelia Earhart building her first roller coaster in “Amelia Earhart, Young Air Pioneer,” and William Henry Harrison rescuing his little sister from drowning in “William Henry Harrison, Young Tippecanoe,” they are meeting real children who make the same mistakes as they do, play games as they do, and even disobey their parents (sometimes)! Lesson plans, sample chapters and illustrations, and educational links are organized by book subject. American history leaps from the pages of these fun-to-read books for kids!

Grasshopper Entertainment

September 20, 1999 -- From a 14 year old from Miami who is not affiliated with the site

This site is just so cool. And the Doc Atom lab is far out.