Reader Reviews

November 1999

Search Engine Guide

November 30, 1999 -- From Robert Clough, a parent from Houston, TX who is affiliated with the site

The guide to search engines, portals, and directories. Highly refined sub-categories allow easy location of the best niche search resources.


November 24, 1999 -- From Lucy , a teacher from Salem, OR who is not affiliated with the site

This is a new site with great graphics and audio. It is designed as a kids portal playground with safe links.

The Wampanoag: People of the First Light

November 22, 1999 -- From Niki lamberg, The Children's Museum of Boston, who is affiliated with the site

Take a look at the Indians Who Met The Pilgrims from the native American point of view. This site is created by The Children’s Museum of Boston in cooperation with tribal advisors. Designed primarily for teachers but also of interest to parents, it features accurate, authentic resources that help put in perspective many of the portrayals of Native Americans that many of us learned as children ourselves.

Imagine the Challenge

November 21, 1999 -- From Mavis Wheatcroft, a teacher from Calgary, Canada who is affiliated with the site

Imagine… a lone athlete facing the challenge of running Australia from Brisbane toPerth, through the Outback. You think that’s a challenge…? Now, imagine a child facing the uncertainty and fear of living with a serious illness. Imagine the Challenge is a site that is being built BY students FOR students who are interested in following an adventurer, David Adie, as he runs the 5000 km distance across Australia (Brisbane to Perth). Students in classrooms can take part in posted challenges, learn more about the people and landscapes of Australia and correspond with David via email as he travels across Australia between Sept. 1999 and Jan. 2000.

American Fighter Pilot Aces of World War Two

November 21, 1999 -- From Stephen Sherman, a reader from New York, US who is affiliated with the site

Brief biographies and combat stories of the great American fighter pilots of WWII. Sort of an old fashioned collection of stories about heroes.


November 18, 1999 -- From Judy Vukasin,a reader fromMONTANAwho is not affiliated with the site

We ran across this site while searching out the Leonids meteorshower. It presents information on 2 levels: K-8th, 9th-Adult. It is veryeye-appealing…fun for kids of all ages. There are really cool (whileeducational) interactive squares included in some articles. We also likedthe graphics and the “Buzzwords”, (vocabulary).

A Celebration of Young Poets

November 17, 1999 -- From Tom, a teacher from Portland, Oregon who is not affiliated with the site

Another great Web site that has a contest for young poets in grades 4-12 in which they give out over $40,000 in prizes and over $13,000 in grants to schools to help with their language arts. There are no fees to enter and no required purchase. In fact, unlike other contests my kids have entered, the sponsoring organization is a member of the Better Business Bureau.


November 16, 1999 -- From Alison D., 10 years old from Manahawkin, NJ who is not affiliated with the site

Cool place for girls! I get lots of good ideas here.

The Personal Photographs of Dr. Vladimir Zworykin,TV Pioneer

November 12, 1999 -- From Steve Restelli, a reader from Barre, Vermont who is affiliated with the site

Come and view the photographs that belonged to the “Father of Modern Television”. You will see the first television screen images of baseball, football and Mickey Mouse!

How Stuff Works

November 12, 1999 -- From Murray Howard, a parent from Ontario Canada who is not affiliated with the site

Great site for Teachers, Parents and students.