Reader Reviews

January 2000

Nixon’s China Game

January 19, 2000 -- From Lisa, a reader from Boston who is affiliated with the site

In February 1972, after a quarter-century of mutual antagonism between the United States and China, President Richard Nixon traveled to Beijing for an historic encounter with Chairman Mao Tse-tung. The climax of a secret White House initiative headed by Henry Kissinger, the diplomatic breakthrough shocked both America’s allies and its enemies. Drawing on recently declassified records and key eyewitnesses, the program and its accompanying Web site reveal the events leading up to what Nixon called “the week that changed the world.

Investor Education

January 19, 2000 -- From Bernice, a reader from Aniak, Alaska who is not affiliated with the site

A wonderful way to make the concept of investing seem realistic even to a young student.

Black History

January 18, 2000 -- From Linda Langs, a teacher from Grand Haven, MI, who is affiliated with the site

Visitors are invited to publish a story or article on black history, download coloring pages, or a word search activity,or just peruse the many stories and research articles on famous black people throughout the world. A featured person appears every day. Lots of interesting things to do and learn for adults, teachers, and students on black history.


January 16, 2000 -- From Abigail, 11 years old from New Zealand who is not affiliated with the site

This is is a totally cool site. This site is mostly for teenage girls, but anyone can come in. Read and answer our polls. Play some games and write poetry.

IAITO – the Russian Far East

January 16, 2000 -- From Aaltje van Zoelen, a reader from Seattle, USA who is affiliated with the site

Official information on tours and travel to the newly opened cities and lands of the Russian Far East. Eco tourism, wilderness adventures, cities and cultures of rich history and stunning beauty. Enchanted lands of fire and ice.

Icarus Mobile Veterinary Service

January 16, 2000 -- From Margaret Wissman, D.V.M., a reader from Florida, USA who is affiliated with the site

Specializing in avian and exotic medicine and surgery, dedicated to avian medicine and stewardship, and the captive conservation of marmosets and tamarins.

Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA!)

January 14, 2000 -- From Robert Wyatt, a reader from Springfield MO who is affiliated with the site

YEA! is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to creating lesson plans and supplementary material on economics, business, and free enterprise for middle school students.

The Family

January 13, 2000 -- From Amanda Formaro, a parent from Kenosha, WI who is affiliated with the site

Parents are always searching for good solid advice when it comes to their family and home life. This site has everything from teens, fitness, home decorating and harvesting your herb garden.

Timeline of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King

January 12, 2000 -- From Terry Hongell, a teacher from Sleepy Hollow, NY who is affiliated with the site

Timeline of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. created by second graders at Pocantico Hills School and designed for young children. You will also find a Web quest designed to be used with the timeline.

Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series

January 7, 2000 -- From Deb D., a parent from New England, USA who is not affiliated with the site

My son and I discovered this site while homeschooling last year, and even though he’s back in public school this year, I held onto the link. Alaska’s Fish and Game Department does a wonderful job of providing descriptions and sketches of native wildlife, much of which is native to other regions of the U.S. Anytime one of my children needs to look up something on a wild animal, we hit this site first.