Reader Reviews

February 2000

Merpy’s World

February 18, 2000 -- From Marianne, a reader who is affiliated with the site

Not a review – a is a children’s website which features each month a new animated, interactive and musical adventure of Merpy, Jeremy Dragonfly, their friends the Monsters, and more. This bandwidth and browser-friendly website uses Flash but includes no-plugin versions of all features.

Legends & Lore, Inc.

February 16, 2000 -- From Claire Scholz, who is affiliated with the site

Puppets help teachers teach. They are a fun, non-threatening tool. Legends & Lore has an entire section of Free Puppet Resource Tips & Tricks.

Fruit Dance

February 16, 2000 -- From Frances, a reader from Plymouth, England who is affiliated with the site

I have been told children love to dance along with Dancing Fruit . People have actually emailed me to tell me this!! There is a link to the rest of my site, which is child safe.

Willemijn Bouman,visual artist and designer

February 15, 2000 -- From Willemijn Bouman, a reader from The Hague, The Netherlands who is affiliated with the site

The straightforward website of Willemijn Bouman shows her large and colorful artworks in lyric abstract style. She makes acrylic paintings and woodblock prints with oakwood of 8000 years old… In assignment she designs murals and ceramic applications for architecture. Her studios are in The Hague, The Netherlands and in Cappadocia, Turkey: the influence of this bizarre landscape on her artwork is visible.

Office of Naval Research Science & Technology Focus Site

February 15, 2000 -- From Elizabeth ,a reader fromArlington, VAwho is affiliated with the site

The first module of ONR’s Science and Technology Focus Site, an educational resource for students and teachers, spotlights Oceanography. The site explores all areas of the ocean, from the beaches and mangroves to the depths of the ocean basins and trenches. Colorful, interactive graphics teach about the processes that keep the ocean in motion. Quick quizzes and experiments test the viewers’ knowledge, and ONR’s CyberScientist is on call to answer any questions. USA Today declared the site a ‘Hot Site’ on Jan. 13, 2000.

TVO Kids

February 14, 2000 -- From Lezli Kuntze,a reader fromToronto, Ontariowho is affiliated with the site

Fun site for kids to check out things that are going on with TVO kids, with great games, fun bio pages, and a cool art wall!

African American Odyssey

February 11, 2000 -- From Doc, a reader who is not affiliated with the site

The Library of Congress brings together The African American Odyssey: The Quest for Full Citizenship. The storyof African Americans from the end of slavery through the Civil Rights era. It includes documents, maps, films and recordings.


February 10, 2000 -- From Sue, a teacher from Ohio who is not affiliated with the site

MakeStuff.Com contains recipes, formulas, craft projects and ideas. There are craft ideas for all the main holidays. A link, kidstuff.html, has easy craft activities and projects for children.

Magic Shadow Shapes

February 10, 2000 -- From firefly, a reader from Canada who is affiliated with the site

The firefly has been told that this is one of the best sites for Grade 1 children who are learning to read. The music is an added bonus and parents enjoy the journey through the woodland as much as the kids do.

Iditarod 411

February 10, 2000 -- From Holli H., a teacher from Greenville, South Carolina who is not affiliated with the site

This is the most kid-friendly, comprehensive, well-organized site on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Attractive pages and concise annotations will help classrooms and families follow the 1,150 mile adventure across Alaska. This year’s race begins on Saturday, March 4th. Links to the official race Website, mushers’ web pages, and everything Alaskan or arctic will keep kids on the learning trail.