Reader Reviews

November 2000

Kid Wizard

November 30, 2000 -- From Terryl, a reader from Colorado Springs, USA who is affiliated with the site

The Web site is a fun, educational place where kids can play games, solve mysteries, make decisions in an interactive story and learn how toperform magic science spells. The site is well-organized and clearly labeled, so navigation to the different areas should be easy. Kids will need help in the spells and potions area. So if you’ve been wanting to make some Dragon Drool, you’ll welcome this chance for some parent-child wizard bonding.

EBD StoryTeller

November 29, 2000 -- From Jin Ng, a reader from Melbourne, Australia who is affiliated with the site

We have recently upgraded out StoryTeller section. We haveover 5,000 stories, jokes and poems submitted by kids fromaround the world since 1997.

November 29, 2000 -- From Nick Amodio, a reader from Ohio who is affiliated with the site

The web’s largest online archive of riddles for RiddleNuts. Surf through more than 650 family friendly riddles or join the Daily Riddle email list to get a brainteaser in your mail box.

Demis World Map server

November 27, 2000 -- From Noor B,10 years old from Leiderdorp, Holland who is not affiliated with the site

Easy and nice.

DiscoverySchool’s Glossary Maker and Vocabulary Quiz Builder

November 26, 2000 -- From Paul Thomas, a reader from Bethesda, MD who is affiliated with the site

Teachers, save time and use’s web tools, Instant Glossary Builder and Vocabulary Quiz Maker to create customized word glossaries and word definition quizzes in a click of a button. Each tool only takes a few easy steps to use and complete. Just enter the list of words into Glossary Builder and it finds the definitions and creates the glossary.

Grot, Grub ‘n’ Grime

November 26, 2000 -- From Simon Tinsley, a reader from Staffordshire, England who is affiliated with the site

Barf, snot, and bogies may not appeal to adults but believe you me, kids love ‘em. Tons of gross out poems to make kids chuckle and a few extras too. Fun, safe, and becoming more popular everyday.

November 25, 2000 -- From Stewart, 9 years old from New York, USA who is not affiliated with the site

I Really Love all the games. My brother and me always have fights over whose turn it is. The game my brother really likes is Dino Draw. I like all of them. It is a fun thing to do after a hard day at school. But I know I have to do my homework first.

Great Sites For Kids

November 25, 2000 -- From Christina, a parent from Olathe, Kansas who is affiliated with the site

Great Sites For Kids searches the Internet to find fun and educational web sites for kids in the following categories: Biography/History, Geography, Language Arts, Math, Music, Science/Nature, and Just For Fun web sites. Also included are a craft, recipe, book, and word of the week.

American Presidents

November 23, 2000 -- From Steve Henthorn, a reader from Hazard, KY who is not affiliated with the site

This site provides information about all US presidents, including a brief biography, their inaugural address and more.

Joe the Dragon’s Lair

November 22, 2000 -- From Louise, a parent from Redditch, UK who is affiliated with the site

This site features a friendly dragon named Joe who invites children to learn the fun way. There are interactive Flash games and puzzles, movies and quizzes,the main focus is on Maths but there are also jigsaw puzzles, spelling games, plus a section of virtual journeys with custom made games and puzzles plus hand chosen links for each destination. The site is completely non-commercial and child friendly. For ages 5 to adult.