Reader Reviews

December 2000


December 30, 2000 -- From Gail, a teacher from Memphis, TN who is not affiliated with the site

This site has some good experiments for teaching science with snow and other snow links.

The Worldwide Kids’ Art Gallery

December 28, 2000 -- From Morgen Brown, a reader from Australia who is affiliated with the site

The Worldwide Kids’ Art Gallery celebrates the boundless expression and imagination of children. We invite children from all corners of the globe to submit their art for display. Poetry and short stories will also be accepted.

DLTK’s crafts for kids

December 27, 2000 -- From Clare B., a parent from Richland Center, WI who is not affiliated with the site

I absolutely love this site!! It is filled with tons of printable crafts including templates, party invitations, printable cards for all occasions, and printable coloring pages galore! I run a day care and the site is a Godsend!

Beethoven, Ludwig Van

December 25, 2000 -- From a reader from New York City, USA who is affiliated with the site

A wonderful site to listen to samples of Beehoven’s piano music. Including the famous Moonlight Sonata, Emperor Concerto, and other wonderful works and fantastic performances.


December 24, 2000 -- From Diana, a teacher from Union, Missouri who is affiliated with the site

Find hundreds of online game and activity links for K-6 students in more than 25 categories. They are sorted by subject and activity type, so you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily. The underwater theme is fun for kids of all ages! Have fun with the fish!

Math Cats

December 24, 2000 -- From Wendy Petti, a reader from Bethesda, Maryland who is affiliated with the site

Enter through a magic chalkboard to explore many interactive math projects for kids, including a Polygon Playground, 3D geometric space forms, symmetry, conversions, Logo programming, online pattern blocks, using money, math idea banks for teachers and parents, and much more.

Wild Cams: Elephant Seals

December 21, 2000 -- From Amanda Britz from New York, NY who is affiliated with the site

Far from the hustle and bustle of shopping malls and crowded parking lots, the site features live daily feeds of elephant seals in their natural habitat, from the shores of California’s Ano Nuevo State Reserve. Among other things, visitors can learn interesting factoids about the curious animals. While humans gain anywhere from five to ten pounds during the holiday season, the elephant seals are doing their fair share of eating too, consuming as much as 45 pounds of fish a day to maintain their 1000 pound girth.

a personal search service for teachers and students

December 17, 2000 -- From John Bushnell, a reader from Seguin, Texas who is affiliated with the site

I help you to find resources for learning and give you personal attention with custom reports by e-mail.

Lille Princesse

December 16, 2000 -- From Shannon, 3 years old from London, Ontario Canada who is not affiliated with the site

I love this place! I can “buy “clothes to dress my Lille Princesse then dress her up the way I like. It’s fun because I like to play with dolls!

Boowa & Kwala

December 14, 2000 -- From Nikki, a parent from Amarillo, Texas who is not affiliated with the site

I have yet to see a better site out there. This is a fast loadingsite, with lots of songs that are cute but not annoying, lots ofgames and activities, and it is exceptionally easy to navigate.For ages 1-7, but fun enough that parents will love it too.