Reader Reviews

December 2000

Online K-12 Education

December 13, 2000 -- From Jawa, a reader from USA who is affiliated with the site

This site has hundreds of interactive math lessons with great graphics, animation and audio. Math courses range from kindergarten to high school including pre-algebra, algebra and geometry. There are three distinct designs addressing the needs of elementary, middle and high schools. Each lesson has exercises and quizzes that are scored and the progress is tracked so that parents can monitor the progress of their children. There are several fun educational activities such as hangman spelling game, interactive coloring and puzzles, and homework help. Free registration gives access to all lessons. Paid registration gives access to exercises/quizzes and scoring.

Myrm’s Ant Nest

December 13, 2000 -- From Myrm, a reader from London, England who is affiliated with the site

A website about ants, concentrating on British species. Includes topics such as life cycle, colony founding, castes, diet.

Miss Maggie’s Earth Adventures

December 13, 2000 -- From James, a reader from Dublin, Ireland who is affiliated with the site

Miss Maggie’s Earth Adventures was created to teach children about environmental issues. Every eight weeks, Maggie and her dog, Dude, are sent on missions to investigate problems all over the world. Each module is also packed with experiments, recipes, games and very comprehensive teachers’ resources. The site recently won top prize in the “Story” category of the Flash Film Festival in London.

MatMice: Free Homepages For Kids

December 13, 2000 -- From Emily, Sarah, and Elise, teenage readers from Australia who are affiliated with the site

By visiting the website, kids can create their own homepage bychoosing colors, entering text, and adding pictures with theeasy-to-use online homepage builder. Being kids themselves, thethree sisters developed the site from a unique perspective.

New Year’s Customs

December 13, 2000 -- From Alice Ray-Overstreet, a reader from Lakeland, FL who is not affiliated with the site

A brief description is given of customs practiced in the several New Year’s celebrations: Dwaili, Rosh Hashanah, Japanese New Year, Chinese New Year, Tet, and Traditional American New Year.

Ugga Ugga

December 12, 2000 -- From Lisa Day, a parent from USA who is affiliated with the site

UGGA UGGA’S free music-making and video-editing suites allows the creation of their own music and animated videos. No experience necessary. Kids Rock National Challenge takes learning music to a new level. Prizes include musical instruments with lessons and state-of-the-art Think Pad from IBM.

December 11, 2000 -- From Bill Everett,a parent from Chelmsford, MA who is affiliated with the site

TopoZone is the only site that provides online access to all 50 states in the US with searchable seamless USGS topographic maps and lots of other cartography tools. The new version of our site will let the user define their own icons and target symbols to place on the map. Great educational tool. Site was picked as the Number 1 Geography site on the Internet for 1999.

Book Adventure

December 11, 2000 -- From Susan Buczynski, a reader from Baltimore, MD who is affiliated with the site

Book Adventure is an excellent site for motivating kids to read. This free site allows children to create book lists from over 4000 books, read the books off line and return to take comprehension quizzes. For each quiz they earn points redeemable for prizes offered through the site.

December 7, 2000 -- From Melissa Schipper, a parent from Garland, Texas who is affiliated with the site

Head on over to the ranch and decorate your own Christmas tree. While you’re there, test your memory with Copycat, the musical memory gadget. You can also play air hockey, see how smart you are with the IQ Puzzle, and play Fenced In with a friend or against the ranch computer.

Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

December 7, 2000 -- From Emily O, 13 years old from Minnesota, USA who is affiliated with the site

I love this site because it has original ideas, games, and is updated at least once a week. The Webmaster is very helpful, and answers all your questions!