Reader Reviews

January 2001

January 18, 2001 -- From Susan, a teacher from Springfield, VA who is affiliated with the site

Play site for kids featuring coloring pages, interactive e-books, holiday activities, musical postcards, educational games, and more!

January 18, 2001 -- From William Cox, 17 years old from USA who is affiliated with the site

Well, I created it! I designed the site to get the beginner into robotics. We have books, projects, links, resources, tutorials, news, and more!

20th Century Chronolgy

January 16, 2001 -- From Barbara Feldman, a parent from San Diego who is not affiliated with the site

Decade by decade review of the twentieth century, including fabulous interactive quizzes.


January 15, 2001 -- From Linda, a teacher from OHIO who is affiliated with the site

KID INFO KID INFO is UNIQUELY different from other homework sites because it is organized by the SPECIFIC CURRICULUM. TEACHER TIDBYTES, offers educators links to the best educational Web resources for teachers. KID INFO is an excellent starting point for students, teachers, and parents who want to spend “quality” time on the web!

Dr Martin Luther King Scavenger Hunt

January 13, 2001 -- From Rob G., a teacher from Boston who is not affiliated with the site

This is a wonderful site. My colleagues and I found the scavenger hunt format to be entertaining as well as educational. We hope to use it with classes over the next few weeks. It gave me some very good ideas. Well done!!!

Fables Online

January 13, 2001 -- From Nathan, a reader from Portland, OR who is affiliated with the site

Fables Online is a literature based site which encourages children to learn and explore through reading. The sites main areas include Myths & Legends, Heroes & Villains, Reading Room, Fun & Games, and The Internet.

Operation RubyThroat: The Hummingbird Project

January 12, 2001 -- From Bill Hilton Jr., a teacher from York, South Carolina who is affiliated with the site

Everybody loves hummingbirds, and these tiny feathered dynamos can be used to help students learn about science, math, geography, culture, and virtually any academic discipline. Operation RubyThroat is an award-winning cross-disciplinary project in which K-12 students, teachers, and others in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central America collaborate to study behavior and distribution of the ruby- throated hummingbird.

Easy Kids Network

January 10, 2001 -- From Sarah Moore, a reader from Arizona, US who is not affiliated with the site

It seems to be a well done search site for kids. I have looked it over and really approve of what they have listed. Is worth a look.


January 9, 2001 -- From Mary Ann Kelley, a parent from Fredericksburg, Virginia who is affiliated with the site

TheHomeSchoolMom Web site and free newsletter are for homeschoolers, parents, and teachers who want the best education links and lesson plans available online. The site is divided into rooms, each with articles and links to related online resources. The School Room is the largest room of the site, with links to education sites, lesson plans, online activities, reference resources, free education resources, and more, all divided by subject or thematic unit. TheHomeSchoolMom helps to bring the best of the online education resources together and make them accessible in one place.

HOT Science

January 9, 2001 -- From Janice Berthiaume, a teacher from Millbury, Massachusetts who is affiliated with the site

This site is an excellent source for experiments and activities related to science and math. It also contains numerous links to other wonderful sites.