Reader Reviews

March 2001

Music Rewards Fundraising

March 30, 2001 -- From Beth, a parent from Portland, OR who is affiliated with the site

This site offers high quality family-friendly music to schools and nonprofit organizations who want to offer good value products and make 40-50% on sales. Parent groups will be interested in this service. Free info. kits.


March 27, 2001 -- From Jennifer, a parent from Ontario, Canada who is not affiliated with the site

Children of all ages (even parents) can choose a Neopet (similar to Pokemon creatures) to play games with, feed, etc. In order to buy your Neopet toys, food, weapons (to challenge another Neopet if you wish), etc. you must collect Neopoints. To do so, there are a ton of neat games (eg. Bingo, Hide and Seek, Treasure Hunt, etc.), all rated by skill level. Usability: great — games download quickly. Site is easy to navigate, which is like a small community. Great fun!

The Why Files

March 27, 2001 -- From S.V.M., a reader from Madison, WI who is affiliated with the site

Online science magazine for middle schoolers and up. Great site for teachers, students and parents. The Why Files reports on the “Science Behind the News” with a new feature or short story every week, covering the science behind a current news story (Mad Cow disease, population, climate changes…). Easy and fun to read, the site is written with humor but is also fact-checked by scientists, and has lots of fun images that make the visitor want to find out more!

Golden Books

March 26, 2001 -- From Kristina T., a reader from Champlain, NY who is not affiliated with the site

I stumbled on this site by accident, but it is a wonderful treasure of activities for kids! There are online games and with the free membership you can print out loads of books for reading and coloring. I recommend it to anyone with children. What a wonderful way to get a child interested in reading!

Joseph Palmer’s Paper Airplanes

March 24, 2001 -- From Joseph Palmer, a reader from San Jose CA, USA who is affiliated with the site

Video games are alright I suppose, but they can’t compare to the thrill of launching something you’ve made all by yourself into the wind, and watching as it’s still soaring long after the other kid’s planes have nosed into the dirt. None of those old fashioned schoolyard darts here, just step-by-step instructions and diagrams for making simple, high performance fliers.


March 21, 2001 -- From Mark D. Phillips, a reader from Brooklyn, New York who is affiliated with the site

TeenGOV is designed to teach teenagers (and adults!) the relationship between the branches of government, how they work together, and how they can become involved in the entire process.

The School Athletics Center

March 20, 2001 -- From Bruce Frank, a teacher from Gig Harbor, WA. who is affiliated with the site

Play Ball! Teachable Science and Math Ideas about Baseball! Educators, take a look at these sites to learn how you can use baseball to teach science and math. Students, check out these cool, sports-related activities.

Pearl Harbor Attacked

March 20, 2001 -- From Angie Sagan, a parent from Ohio, USA who is affiliated with the site

Relive the attack on the USS Arizona with exclusive photos. Pearl Harbor Historians and Veterans are standing by waiting to answer your questions regarding the attack on our message board.

Speech Delay

March 20, 2001 -- From Angie Sagan, a parent from Ohio, USA, who is affiliated with the site

What are the milestones for speech and language development? Find out this and much more from a speech pathologist at this extensive site related to speech and language development. Unbelievable amount of information and suggestions can be found here as well as a world of speech-related links.

Penpal Kids International

March 18, 2001 -- From Syoko, a teacher from Tokyo Japan who is affiliated with the site

Free for kids and teens. Find new friends, ages 3 to 15, from another countries. Now over 5000 boys and girls can penpal from all over the world.